POSTED: 16 Jan 2004 1:30pm HST

Images from Sierra Club Southshore Excursion

The following pictures were taken by Hanapepe artist Arius Hopman on board Captain Andy's excursion boat on the January 9th Sierra Club trip along the southshore of Kauai organized by Judy Dalton. If you are on dial-up modem it will take a little time to load images (each is about 125kb).

Rounding the point near quarry with view of the southwest beach at Maha`ulepu and Mount Haupu in background

The west end of beach at Maha'ulepu with single house. This is where resort development will have it's biggest impact.

Looking towards Kamala Point and the beach in front of Maha`ulepu with Mount Haupu in the background.

Kamala Point at left hiding Kawailoa Bay. The sea caves of Pakamoi are center and Paoo Point at right.

Hillside above sea caves at Pakamoi. Note that vegetation has been heavy grazed of by feral goats.

Sea Caves at Pakamoi with unusually calm sea. These cliffs are a sanctuary for the feral goats.

The uninhabited south beach at Kipu Kai with Mount Haupu in background.

Molehu, a sandstone outcropping at the middle of Kipu Kai Valley, with Hokulei Peak at left and Hokunui Ridge in center.


Sandstone outcropping at Kipu Kai looking northwest to Mount Haupu