Kauai Ocean Fish Count

2 July 2004 - 4:30am

Great Annual Fish Count arrives on Kauai

This July, divers and snorkelers throughout Hawai'i will dive into our oceans to survey fish for the Great Annual Fish Count. The Great Annual Fish Count (GAFC) is an annual event coordinated by local partners of the REEF Environmental Education Foundation (REEF). REEF mobilizes and trains volunteer divers and snorkelers in a fun and easy fish survey method to identify and document fish diversity and population trends in marine sanctuaries and coastal areas. One does not need to have a scientific background or be a fish expert to participate!

Fish Identification training workshops will be held on July 9th, 6 pm at the Koloa Library and on July 11th, 7 pm at the Kauai Children's Discovery Museum. Divers and snorkelers are also invited to join in a Field Survey on Monday July 12th 9:30 am at Poipu Beach, to learn how to conduct a REEF survey. All are invited to participate free of charge. Snorkel Bob's will be offering special discounts on gear rental to those who attend a REEF workshop or the shore-based REEF survey. Anyone can conduct a REEF survey on any dive or snorkel on their own, but it is extremely helpful to attend a workshop or field survey to receive hands-on training in the method.

Since REEF debuted in Hawai'i in 2001, nearly 2,000 surveys have been conducted throughout the islands, REEF has around 600 Hawai'i-based members, and many local partners and sponsors of REEF have been established. Until recently, most REEF events have been conducted on Maui by the nonprofit organization Project S.E.A.-Link. Project S.E.A.-Link partners with Kaua'i-based Save Our Seas, the Kauai Children's Discovery Museum, and Reef Check, and the organizations will be working together for this year's Great Annual Fish Count on Kaua'i in order to establish more community participation and enlist new local partners of REEF.

REEF is also a PADI specialty, so there are many applications for scuba instructors, dive shops, and tour operators. REEF can be integrated into these businesses and provide a conservation focus for guests. On Maui, it has enhanced the business of Maui Dreams Dive Company, which offers REEF training as a PADI specialty on a regular basis. Trilogy Excursions and Ed Robinson's Diving Adventures on Maui have also integrated REEF into their operations.

Participating in REEF gives community members an opportunity to become part of the scientific process, allowing them to play a role in providing researchers, marine resource managers and policy makers with valuable information needed to make decisions regarding our marine resources. In addition, REEF promotes awareness and stewardship of Hawai'i's coral reef ecosystem.

For more information on the Great Annual Fish count, please visit the official website at, or call Paul Clark at 651-3452
Great Annual Fish Count 2004: Schedule of Events and Promotions

Training Seminars: Learn the names of Hawaii's fishes at a FREE fish ID seminar by the Reef Environmental Education Foundation's local partners on Kauai. Also learn how to conduct REEF surveys during any snorkel or dive. Participants will receive a card that will be redeemable for discounts with participating dive and snorkel companies during the month of July. Call (Paul or Project S.E.A.-Link at 669-9062 for more information').

Friday July 9th, 6pm
at Koloa Library; Koloa School, 3223 Poipu Road

Sunday July 11th, 7pm
at the Kaua'i Children's Discovery Museum, Kaua'i Village Shopping Center, Kapa'a

Shore-Based Field Surveys: Join REEF's Local Partners Save our Seas and Project S.E.A-Link for a shore dive or snorkel and learn how to do a REEF Survey! Free; Participants will need to bring all their own gear including a buddy and tanks if diving. Loaner REEF Slates and Fish ID books will be available, and REEF Survey Scanforms will be provided. Participants will receive a card that will be redeemable for discounts with participating dive and snorkel tour companies during the month of July. Call Captain Paul at 651-3452 or Project S.E.A.-Link at 669-9062 for more information).

Poipu Beach, Monday, July 12th, 9:30am

Field Survey Charters: REEF Representatives will be onboard and ready to help participants conduct REEF surveys. Participants must sign up directly with the company and will be eligible for any special GAFC Promotions upon attending a Training Seminar or Shore-Based Field Survey. Loaner REEF Slates and Fish ID books will be available, and REEF Survey Scanforms will be provided.

Saturday, July 10th with Sea Sport Divers (call 685-5889 to make a reservation)

Sunday, July 11th with Sea Sport Divers (call 685-5889 to make a reservation)

Special GAFC Promotions (must attend a Fish ID seminar or Shore Survey to be eligible)

Snorkel Bob's: 30% off daily and weekly gear rentals; free upgrades for purchased snorkel gear

GAFC Sponsors include: Hawaii Coastal Zone Management, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Kaua'i Children's Discovery Museum, Koloa Library, Project S.E.A.-Link, Save Our Seas, Snorkel Bob's, Kula High School, Reef Check....

Contact: Paul Clark, Save Our Seas, (808) 651-3452

Aloha Friends,
Did you get your invite to the festival yet' We hope to see all the community organizations at this event to let people know all the good work you are doing for Kaua'i. Booths should have ocean or conservation activities for the family or for na keiki (kids)! Please let us know if you will be attending! Mahalo

Press Release: Save Our Seas Summer Ocean Festival
Save Our Seas (SOS) is celebrating this summer with a huge splash ! SOS is hosting the first annual Summer Ocean Festival on the North Shore of the Island of Kaua'i.

On Saturday July 31st, the top organizations in ocean conservation from Hawai'i and around the globe will be hoisting a 'Big Tent Festival' on the green grass at Pinetrees in Hanalei Bay. There will be ocean themed arts & crafts, information booths, activities for the keiki, hula dancing and live music. It's a concert of events that will play as an adventurous instrument to excite and inspire this generation - and the next - to make positive changes towards protecting our fragile ocean.

The magnificent 151 ft. Brigantine Tall Ship, 'Kaisei,'' which translates to 'Ocean Planet,' will be sailing into Hanalei Bay to join in the festivities. Tours of this incredible ship will be conducted throughout the day by the Captain and Crew of Save Our Seas. The people of Kaua'i will be the first to step on board this incredible ship as she begins her global mission of ocean awareness. In an ambitious collaboration between SOS and Ocean Voyages International, Kaisei is sailing on a 'Peace-Keeping' initiative that utilizes education and research to promote a fundamental change in the international attitude toward its ocean. The fun is scheduled to begin at 10 am and finish with a special musical guest at 4 pm. If your community organization or store would like a booth please reserve your space now!

The Festival continues Saturday evening at Princeville Resort with the screening of the international award winning documentary 'Learning to Sea.' Guest appearances include the films creator, National Geographic photographer Ziggy Livnat MFA. Also attending the event will be a cast of distinguished scientists and community leaders to 'talk story' and share knowledge regarding Kauai Marine Resource Protection. The evening meeting begins at 6 pm; 'Learning to Sea' starts at 8pm, and reservations are recommended.

On Sunday, Kaisei will weigh anchor and set sail with a select group of lucky Kaua'i students, marine biologists, archeologists, scientists and professional sailors on a voyage down Na Pali Coast to the island of Ni'ihau. The voyage will be filmed by the United Nations new international TV show 'ecoWATCH' and be utilized as a learning tool for students in 127 different countries and in nine languages.

For more information or to get involved with the Save Our Seas Ocean Festival please contact the SOS Executive Director, Captain Steve Voris at (808) 826-0354 or visit the web site:

Contact: Paul Clark, Save Our Seas, (808) 651-3452




Historic Opportunity to Protect Our Oceans

27 April 2004 - 7:30am

A swordfish is the subject of "The Chase" by Paul McPhee

Our oceans are in trouble. Fisheries are collapsing, runoff is polluting coastal waters and coral reefs are dying. But we can help reverse this decline. The U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy, a panel of oceans experts, will soon issue recommendations on new policies to help heal our oceans. Your governor will have an opportunity to comment on this draft report before a final version is officially released to the President and Congress.

Go to Environmental Defense to send a letter to your Governor, asking for the strongest possible protections in the Ocean Commission's final report.'rk=ddzAes71_Q4HW

State of Our Oceans:
Our oceans were once thought to be an inexhaustible resource. But habitat destruction, pollution, overfishing and poorly managed fish farms have put our oceans and coastal areas at risk.

The Tragic Facts:
• Over the last fifty years, some 90% of swordfish, marlin and sharks have been fished out by large-scale commercial fishing, according to a recent analysis published in the journal Nature.

• Much of the Grand Banks off eastern North America, once considered the world's most productive fishing area, has been closed because of dwindling fish populations.

• On the West Coast, plummeting Pacific rockfish populations have forced fishery closures to staunch the steep declines.

• The recent explosion in fish farming threatens our coastal waters with fish waste, antibiotic byproducts and other pollutants.

• And in the Gulf of Mexico, fertilizer and pesticide runoff from farms have created a veritable Dead Zone, where few life forms survive. But with the right tools, we can reverse this decline and heal our oceans.

U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy:
In 2000, Congress passed the Oceans Policy Act, which established the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy. This esteemed panel of scientists and oceans experts is charged with studying the decline of the world's oceans and issuing recommendations to the President and Congress on a coordinated and comprehensive new policy to help heal our oceans.

Governors Can Strengthen This Report:
Governors will have a chance to comment on the Ocean Commission's recommendations before the report is finalized. This gives us a great opportunity to influence the final report and ensure that it calls for the strongest protections and programs.

Strong Protections to Save Our Oceans:
With our oceans in such dire straits, only the most aggressive protections and policies can bring them back to health. Environmental Defense has recommended that the Commission report call for strong policies that will:

• Protect fragile ocean habitats through the use of protected areas and other tools.

• Transform failing fisheries into sustainable ones to guarantee safe and abundant seafood.

• Reduce dead zones by curbing polluted runoff that creates lack of oxygen and kills marine life.

• Enforce conservation laws to protect ocean wildlife and essential ecosystems.

• Protect our shores from oil by maintaining a moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling.

• Explore ocean ecosystems by doubling federal investment in ocean science and education in the next 5 years.

• Reform ocean management by coordinating the laws and agencies responsible for ocean protection.

• Enact adequate safeguards on aquaculture sites to protect marine ecosystems.

As your governor reviews the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy's draft report, we have an important opportunity to influence new ocean policies. Send a message urging your Governor to review the draft carefully, and to recommend that the final report to the President and Congress calls for strong, proactive measures to protect our oceans.


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