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What Makes Percy Schmeiser So Persistent?

Photo of Percy Schmeiser by Lily Films from "The Future of Food" a video to be released in July 2004

Interview by Paul Goettlich 27 May 2004

In this interview we learn about the aspects of Percy’s life that contributed to his persistence in the fight against Monsanto since 1998. Every minute of the hundreds of hours I have spent helping Percy has benefited all the farmers of the world, just as he feels he has done with 6 years of his life. Monsanto has not won this issue, but has essentially shot itself in the foot by its vicious attack of Percy and the farmers of the world. We have not seen the last of Percy Schmeiser. And our struggle to Reclaim The Commons will be successful!

This is not a big win for Monsanto or a big loss for us, and the Harvard Mouse Case is Alive and Well. We strongly advise everyone to read the actual text of the Supreme Court ruling [see link below] and not take the word of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and other newspapers that are heavily influenced by the biotech industry.
I feel that no matter how Monsanto's mutant gene crop got onto Percy's field, he is not responsible. I also feel that it should not matter if he planted the seed from previous years because it is his land, not Monsanto's. The fact remains that Monsanto should be liable for contaminating Percy's fields and those of the rest of the world. Why not? They certainly meant to do so. The cost for this crime should be born directly by the business and board officers, as well as each and every share holder who should be made to pay to the full extent of their wealth. For without these stock owners Monsanto would probably not have had the required capital to produce the mess on Earth that we now witness before us.

I am working on a review of the soon to be released video The Future of Food by Lily Films. In it Fred Kirshenmann, a farmer and the director of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture says, "The way that the system is functioning now, it's my responsibility to fence that technology out from my crops. And of course, there's no way that you can build a fence high enough to prevent that." How true and how incredibly frustrating for the farmer to be forced to sit by and watch his farm be taken away from right under his nose.

If we who eat the foods produced by the labor of the Percy Schmeisers of the world will not stand up for them, who will? Take a stand! Make your voice heard.

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Editor's Note:

Paul Goettlich writes about the health and socioeconomic effects of technology -- pesticides, plastics, genetic engineering, nuclear radiation, and so on. He is a member of the Sierra Club Genetic Engineering Committee and is an advisor to nonprofits on technology. His latest article was published in Living Nutrition magazine, "Get Plastic Out of Your Diet."


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