POSTED: 30 MARCH 2004 - 8:30am HST

Photos of the Wakeí for Gallery M

Millicent Cummings at the closing of Gallery M

Millicent throws a great party as she closes Gallery M in Hanapepe

On Sunday night, March 28 into the wee hours Hanapepe had a street party. It was hosted by Millicent Cummings as a wake/celebration in honor of the closing of her Gallery M.

Those of us who have enjoyed the hospitality of her gallery over the last two years will sorely miss her. She brought new music, art and spirit to our lives, and we will miss her sense of aloha, ohana and aina in our town. Art may be simply becoming a business here on Kauai. Our bestest wishes to you Millicent. We know you will continue to enrich those you encounter.

Photos of the grand finale party that celebrated the closing of Gallery M in Hanapepe are available on the web at Cindy Combs website. Go to to see more.


The Wakeí for Gallery M


POSTED: 23 MARCH 2004 - 9:30am HST

Millicent Cummings at the opening of Gallery M in 2001

After hosting dozens of art openings and musical events over the past two years, Millicent Cummings, (Proprietor of Gallery M) now prepares for her biggest gathering yet, the Wakeí for Gallery M this Sunday, March 28th from 6:00 to 11:00pm.   Musicians Cindy Combs, Vito Truglio, Blu Dux, Paul Togioka, Keoni Mahuka, Boogie, Michael Barretto and Millicent will be performing through the evening.

It will be a flagrant celebration of the Arts, a Mahalo give-away ceremony and our last chance to take a piece of Gallery M home with us, or for those who have not yet had the pleasure, the chance to see this artistís lifeís work before the installation is dismantled after the event. 

Come and enjoy some of the best music on the island, delicious pupus and good cheer West Side street party kine. 

Gallery M is located in the Heart of Historic Hanapepe. Millicent can be reached at the gallery at 335-3220 until the end of the month or at after April. Information about both Gallery M and her new project; Studio M, can be had at as of April Fool's Day.


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