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POSTED: 14 JUNE 2004 - 9:00am HST

The Legend of the Menehune Fish Pond

Huleia Stream as it passes what is known as the Menehune Fishpond. Mount Haupu is in the distance to the SW

by Uncle Louis Almodova Jr. on 14 June 2004

The Menehune Fish Pond is located along the Niumalu River. What the Menhune built was a bank, separating the river from the fish pond.
According to legend, the Menehune were the little people who worked at night. A princess and her brother contracted them to build the Fish Pond. The princess and prince were curious as to how the little people worked, so they sneaked up on them. The Menehune caught the pair, and they were automatically turned to rock. To this day, if you look up ahead to the right front of the Fish Pond, there you will see two sharp peaks, that represent the Princess and her Brother.

After this incident, the chief of the Menehune gathered his people together, and they moved to the north side of the island, by the dry cave. There the little people were so friendly, they were marrying the Hawaiian girls. Their chief didn’t like that, so he once again gathered his people, and this time moved them off the island of Kauai.

Later, when a census was taken on Kauai, 65 Hawaiians registered themselves as Menehune. So the race of little people lives on in the Hawaiian bloodlines to this day.

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