POSTED: 10 July 2005 - 7:30am HST

Ohana Kauai to hold meeting

We will be holding a most important meeting at at the Kapaa Neighborhood Center.
7:30pm on Thursday July 28, 2005

Our agenda at the meeting will include a report on the status of the appeal of the Charter amendment for property tax relief case to the Hawaii Supreme Court. We have filed motions to expedite the Supreme Court hearing of the case and to stay property tax collections greater than that allowed by the Charter amendment.

Our efforts in regard to the property tax relief for resident homeowners have illuminated the critical need for the  broader reforms needed to provide better governance for the citizens of our island. County officials have failed to address the key issues facing our community including uncontrolled spending, solid waste disposal, property tax reform and conformance with our sunshine laws. We will be presenting at the meeting our evaluation of the current position and our thoughts as to the changes which need to be made to bring about  the necessary improvements in County government structure and operation.

All of us have a huge stake in these matters. Please plan to attend and bring guests to participate in defining and initiating a program to make Kauai a better place for everyone.
Walter Lewis - Chair Person Ohana Kauai

"We need your ideas, your input, and the thoughts of your friends so please make every effort to be at this meeting. The system is broken and we need your help to change the course we are headed. 13000 people voiced their displeasure with our property tax system and we need those voices to put our leadership in the right direction."

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