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POSTED: 17 July 2005 - 8:30am HST

Reverend Billy & The Coming Shopocalypse

Poster for the Summer Fishfry featuring Reverend Billy & the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir

by Juan Wilson on 4 July 2005

My buddy Steve Peters emailed me a weblink that turned out to be hilarious. It's On the site you will see national and international news articles, audio, video and film featuring Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping.

The Reverend Billy is a revivalist preacher who leads the Church of Stop Shopping, an anticonsumerist communion devoted to putting the odd into God. Created by the actor Bill Talen, the Reverend first appeared alongside the sidewalk preachers in New York's Times Square during the Giuliani years, bringing his new post-religious theology to eager crowds. Now Reverend Billy has a cult following across the country and was recently featured in a profile in the New York Times Magazine.

On the website you can encounter the icon-twisting logic of credit card exorcism performed in front of astonished shoppers and listen to a gospel choir made up of recovered preachers' kids singing anti-Starbucks anthems at the cash register of the $5 latte.

To see a quicktime movie of Reverend Billy preaching click on the image below.

"We have forgotten what evil is. We've got it on the TV. We got it in our foreign policy. We're persuaded somehow that...

Bombing is Security -
Racism is crime fighting -
Monopoly is democracy -
Sweatshops are efficiency -
& Oil prices are foreign policy -

We have violence coming out out third eye all day long."

Reverend Billy
from Preacher with an Unknown God