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1 September 2005 - 12:00pm

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ACLU Freedom Files
by Linda Pascatore on 1 September 2005

On September 8, the ACLU will launch a new chapter in the history of activism, with the premiere of Beyond the Patriot Act, produced by the ACLU and Robert Greenwald (Unconstitutional, Outfoxed). For the first time, the power of TV to motivate will combine with the power of the Internet to activate and the power of people to make a difference.

Beyond the Patriot Act is the first episode of The ACLU Freedom Files, a ground-breaking 10-part series that goes behind the headlines to reveal how the law affects the civil liberties of real people everyday.

The ACLU Freedom Files is a series of ten 30-minute episodes featuring real clients and the attorneys who defend them. These are people like us who have had their civil rights assaulted by the Patriot Act. The series also features well known actors, activists, and comedians.

The premiere episode "Beyond The Patriot Act" airs in the first week of September for a very specific reason: three year's and one very long summer's worth of legislative strategy and grassroots activism will culminate this fall as the House and Senate versions of the Patriot Act go to conference to create a final Patriot Act reauthorization bill to be presented to the President. This is where your voice can make a difference.

In the coming weeks, the ACLU will be leveraging the series, an accompanying DVD and other materials to help liberty-loving people across America urge Congress to act sensibly and bring the Patriot Act in line with the Constitution.

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