POSTED: 19 November 2005 - 8:30pm

At the beginning of the American season of excess

click on the image of Moofius to enter The Meatrix

The Meatrix Redux
by Juan Wilson on 19 November 2005

Back in February of 2004 my son, John. gave me a link to an internet movie called The Meatrix. It is a "flash cartoon" satire of the movie "The Matrix" that became a cult classic of the 1990's and came close to spawning a pseudo religion. We made a link on this website back in 2004. Well now in 2005, as we enter the season of excess and gluttony, I thought it is time to revisit that dream/nightmare.

a scene from The Meatrix showing big agribiz terrorizing small farms. Click on it to see movie.

Besides the movie has good information on maintain and sustaining local farming. Here's a sample:

The most effective way to change the system is to stop supporting it! Buy and eat meat, dairy and eggs from local, sustainable family farmers. It's easier than you think – check out these resources:

Find a farm in your area raising crops and animals sustainably – support them by buying your food from them. Take it a step further and promote the farm to others in your neighborhood – invite the farmer to come to your house and have a taste testing, to show others that local sustainable food tastes better. Make a point of telling everyone who eats at your house where your food came from. Explain to your friends that supporting a local farmer gives you great tasting, nutritious food and helps preserve farmland, stop suburban sprawl, and puts money back into your community.

One of the most important things you can do is to speak up! Stores and restaurants usually work on very slim profit margins, so they listen very carefully to what their customers want. Ask store and restaurant managers to sell sustainably-raised meats, dairy and eggs from local family farmers. Go to Sustainable Table and print letters and cards that you can give to managers, encouraging them to provide the kind of food you want to eat. One person really can make a difference!

The Meatrix is a 2005 Webby Award Winner! Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to this web site! Please go check out the other Webby winners here.

"The little film that did…The revolution will not be televised. It will be emailed” Adbusters

"The Meatrix achieves something we didn't think possible- a pretty funny expose on the evils of factory farming"
Seattle Post Intelligencer

"I saw The Meatrix video recently and it really got me thinking in a completely new direction. I want to be a responsible consumer – not only for my well being but for the well being of all farm animals." - Jennifer, Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Just wanted to congratulate you on what is possibly the most effective/clever awareness-raising campaign that I've seen."
Rolf, Australia

The Meatrix flash movie was created by Free Range Graphics. For more movies from Free Range, click here.

Free Range created the movie in collaboration with GRACE
(Global Resource Action Center for the Environment).