POSTED: 17 April 2006 - 5:00am

“Moving From Permitting To Planning”

Dipterocarp forest undergoing conversion to plantation in Indonesia

You've heard it said, "If You Break It, You Own It."
(Colin Powell, Secretary of State referring to Iraq invasion)

That truism also holds for Land Use Planning in Hawai’i. But, if it’s broken, can we fix it? Tom Dinell, Professor and founder of the Department of Urban & Regional Planning at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, knows this to be true:

Good Land Use Planning really, really, matters.

Poor land use planning can impact all our lives for a long, long time.

League of Women Voters of Kauai knows this to be true:
Kaua'i long range land use planning has only been in place since 1972
Kaua'i Land Use Planning has affected our yesterdays
Kaua'i Land Use Planning affects our todays
Kaua'i Land Use Planning will affect ALL our tomorrows

Hosted by the League of Women Voters of Kaua`i County

Saturday 22 April 2006 at the Aloha Beach Resort, Alii Room

12 Noon - Luncheon ( $20 )
1:00pm - Speaker – Tom Dinell, FAICP
1:30pm - Open Panel Discussion
2:00pm - Audience Question & Answer session

By by April 20 please contact:
Phone: (808) 246-2111
email :


LWV Annual Meeting to focus on Land Use Planning

The League of Women Voters of Kauai County 36th annual meeting to be held at Aloha Beach Resort, Saturday, April 22nd, has decided to take on a timely, important bedrock topic facing Kauai and the State. The general question being asked is: “Are We Planning or Permitting?”. The focus of the 1:00pm. public forum is land use planning, with the League business meeting prior to lunch.

“Getting an arm around a topic like land use planning for our island state and exquisite paradise-like Kauai is essential. Whether we realize it or not, the fact of long-range land use planning on Kauai has affected our yesterdays, affects all our todays and will affect all our tomorrows and tomorrow and tomorrows,” said Susan Wilson, Kauai League board member. “Luckily, Hawaii’s own sort George Washington type founding father, so to speak, of land use planning in Hawaii, Tom Dinell, as agreed to present an overview of the topic and lead an interactive discussion with invited panelists and the public.”

Tom Dinell, Professor Emeritus and founder of University of Hawaii Department of Urban & Regional Planning has been and continues to be a mentor of university students and professional land use planners across the State. In fact, Keith Nitta, Kauai Planning Department’s long-range land use planner was mentored by Dinell when at UH in 1974-75, Professor Dinell was Keith’s practicum adviser.

Also participating in League’s April 22nd forum will be a small number of other panelists representing a cross section of persons who have, had, or want to have a significant impact on County Land Use Planning. “We chose our panelists as carefully as we chose our topic because we knew leadership and thoughtfulness was needed to begin a good open dialog on Kauai long-range land use.

Other Kauai League Board members likened the issue of Kauai land use to an often heard quote, “If You Break It, You Own It.” (Colin Powell, Secretary of State referring to Iraq invasion). “Once that Colin Powell quote seemed relevant to the explosion of land use questions here on Kauai you have to follow it with dropping the other shoe. The other shoe is asking the other question: “But, if it’s broken, can we fix it?”, said Susan Wilson.


NOTE: This event is part of the 36th annual League meeting and luncheon.

League members should arrive 10:30 am to register for meeting which runs to noon. Deluxe buffet luncheon is $20 includes gratuity. Purchase of luncheon aids non-profit organization to cover room charge.

However, those who wish not to attend luncheon may arrive at 1 pm – nominal donation requested. RSVP appreciated, but not required, to confirm adequate seating.