POSTED: 16 MAY 2006 - 12:30pm HST

Water mixed with Electricity

click on image above to watch Fox News report

by Jason Donovan 16 May 2006

Aloha everyone…check out this amazing video news clip about converting water into power…courtesy of Matt Beall…one of the ideas behind Sustain Kauai is to share valuable new information such as this with the group via emails and the new website being created, – (not yet up but soon!)


POSTED: 16 MAY 2006 - 1:00pm HST
Denny Klein & HHO

Denny Klein and his prototype HHO burning car. Click here for more!

by Juan Wilson on 16 May 2006

For more about the HHO technology here are some other views. The first is from the inventor himself, Denny Klein.

Hydrogen Technology Applications Inc.
4707 140th Avenue North, Suite 116
Clearwater FL 33762
phone: 727-531-5979

Hybred Auto Test Results here:

The introduction on Klein's website says

"Imagine cutting through steel or powering a vehicle
by using ordinary water."

click on image for HHO presentation

Other views comes from the blogosphere. Sounds like a scam to some. Here is a sample.

Fuel from Water - Is this a scam?

11 May 2006 in
One of my co-workers send me information on a Denny Klein who has just applied for a patent on a water to fuel technology.
He says he's discovered a 'new property' of water (which I take as a buzzword for 'fraud'). He calls his discovery HHO (as apposed to H2O).

The problem is that I don't know near enough chemistry to figure out if this guy is talking out of his hat.

Anyone want to look at this guy's claims?

His patent application number is: 20060075683 and can be found here: from the USPTO search function located at:

Please remember that the existence of a patent application has no bearing whatsoever on the validity of any claim.

If I wanted to, I could pay the bucks and show you a similar patent application for my quantum-levitating-psychic-astrological-orb-generator-and-combination-wand-for-turning-lead-into-gold.

All an application means is that someone took the time and expense to file an application. It appears as if this patent application was filed to be able to try to fool the gullible using the fallacy of Appeal to Authority.

Even a granted patent does not necessarily mean the device works. I've seen a patent for a perpetual motion machine, sufficiently cloaked in technical mumbo-jumbo. All it means was that the design, as stated, was original and did not infringe on a previous patent.

There is a bit less scepticism shown at another blogspot


26 August 2004 in

Weird stuff brewing on the energy transformation front. A new gas, sometimes referred to as Brown's, Klein, or HHO gas is being considered as an alternate form of energy storage. The hype concerns its use in automobiles, as a better hydrogen fuel cell. The reality that it may be useful in welding, a notoriously difficult process for certain types of metals, i.e. consider aluminum.

A confidential information PDF white paper came in the email from a co-worker and I took a crack at trying to understand what's going on. In a separate post, I will try to outline some of the personalities involved, but for now here are some snippets.

First, this is not as new as the mass media implies.

More recently, there has been considerable research in the separation of water into a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases. These studies were initiated by Yull Brown in 1977 via equipment generally referred to as electrolyzers and the resulting gas is known as "Brown gas".The following confirms that the author is walking a tight-wire in establishing a new material form without resorting to unconventional and non-traditional interpretations.

The main scope of this paper is to report, apparently for the first time, new clusters of hydrogen and oxygen atoms contained in the HHO gas, which clusters appear to escape the traditional valence interpretation and constitute one of the novelties of the HHO gas over the Brown gas.

The efficiency computations are bunk; with a real problem in the formulations (note the scf/W below; scf/Kwh is the only thing that would make sense here). This could only be a typo, but sloppiness does not portend well in these kinds of white papers.


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