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The Third Round with the Superferry

image above: Superferry may try and enter Nawwiliwili Harbor again today. Picture by Carl Wright


ACLU & Arrested Protesters
by Tracey Schavone on 30 August 2007 - 7:o0am HST

I spoke with Mina Morita last night - she said Gary Hooser has secured an agreement with the ACLU to represent those who were arrested at Nawiliwili Bay during the protests (free of charge). However, those who were arrested must make contact w/the ACLU directly - ACLU reps aren't permitted to solicit cases.

I'll get the info out over the air ... please help spread the word. If you have any specific questions, please contact Gary.

Victory Party Proposal at Nawiliwili  Park Tonight
by Jonathan Jay on 28 August 2007 - 2:30pm HST

Come on down to Nawiliwili as planned. Not to confront the nasty ferry, but to celebrate winning Round Three of the Superferry War on Kauai with a big block party.

See you there!

Superferry agrees to cancel today's Kauai trip
from Kalasara Del Viscovo on 28 August 2007 - 2:20pm HST

by the staff of The Honolulu Advertiser
Gov. Linda Lingle has asked Superferry officials to cancel a planned 3:00pm trip to Kaua'i today and officials agreed, Lingle said.

Yesterday, a flotilla of protesters at the mouth of Nawiliwili Harbor prevented the Supeferry from making a scheduled stop and it returned to O'ahu.

Steve Fuchs, a retired Marine master sergeant from Kalihi, said he was going to take a cab ride home, courtesy of the Superferry, after being told that the protests had postponed today's trip.

"Stuff happens. They do not want to put passengers through the inconvenience of last night," Fuchs said. "They were very nice about it."

Fuchs said other passengers from Kauai are now stranded in Honolulu, but the Superferry will pay for their cab ride to a hotel and for the lodging. The company is offering refunds or vouchers for future trips, he said.

Teresa Osthoff of Ewa Beach wasn't so understanding. She was traveling with her hanai daughter Ashley, 15.

"I'm so mad. We caught the bus all the way from Ewa Beach."

She was on last night's trip that got turned away at Kauai after sitting in the harbor for about three hours.

Osthoff said she was so persistent to get onboard again because she wanted to visit her son, a Kauai policeman who is on his way to a military deployment to Iraq, and her grandson.

"It was my opportunity with a reasonable rate to go. It's not fair."

Mary Traynor and her husband, Greg, of Hau'ula, were dropped off by friends and walked to the Superferry building from Chinatown and arrived to get the news today's trip was canceled.

"We're very disappointed," Mary Traynor said. "This is one of the only means of transportation for us local people."

Although the ferry was not going to Kaua'i, officials offered passengers a chance to board the Alakai in the harbor.

Several passengers took the company up on its offer, including the Traynors.

Demonstration on Oahu set for 2:15pm at Pier 19
from Katy Rose on 28 August 2007 - 1:30pm HST

DMZ Hawaii Aloha 'Aina calls on O'ahu people to protest the Hawaii Superferry sail from Honolulu to Kauai today.

Protest at Pier 19 / Meet at Nimitiz Highway & Kukahi Street 2:15pm

We stand in solidarity with the people of Kaua‘i and Maui fighting to protect their communities from the invasion of the Superferry. In a flagrant violation of Hawai‘i’s environmental laws, the Superferry has set sail without completing an environmental impact statement, as required by a court of law. What’s worse, they are bribing residents with $5 tickets to aid them in their illegal voyages.

Jetty Road Closed to Traffic
anonymous phone tip from Lihue
on 28 August 2007 - 1:15pm HST

Council Chair William Asing took a tour of the Nawiliwili Harbor Jetty as police began clearing out the public. The gate at Nawiliwili Park was closed to cars at about 1:00pm.

It looks as though the County is intent on supporting the War on Kauai by neo-con John Lehman and his Navy cohorts who are ramming the Superferry down our throats with whatever force is required. Kaipo wouldn't want to have the Governor, Coast Guard and the Kauai Police Department embarassed again. Thanks for your effort to protect Kauai “Kaipo”.

Ferry Scheduled for 6:00pm Arrival on Kauai
by Wendy Raebeck on 28 August 2007 1:15pm HST

I just called the Superferry office -- boat is coming in tonight as scheduled.

I also spoke to Gov Lingle's office and a spokeswoman emphatically told me the Superferry is operating legally. She repeated this many times as the Governor's position, and read something from the Honolulu Advertiser that she said was "the truth" about the Ferry's right to continue. I was unable to locate what I read in the papers today stating the opposite, but told her I'd read credible info to the contrary. She asked my concerns and, seeing that the legal issue was apparently moot, I said I thought the Governor should stop the Ferry until things calm down over here.

Meanwhile, I hope boards and boats, buddies and babies are being prepared (bring food and drink!) for another evening under the moon. See EVERYONE at Nawiliwili!

Schedule appears to be for 6:00pm HSF landing
by Diana LaBedz on 28 August 2007 - 12:45pm HST

It was scheduled to leave at three again today. I hope the governor takes compassionate actions soon, we all need a rest.

Superferry May Come Earlier than Scheduled
by Kalasara Del Viscovo on 28 August 2007 - 12:30pm HST

Rumors are going around that the ferry is coming in early, maybe even as early as 3pm. (although the Hono Adver. had an article saying the ferry is operating under normal schedule.) Will someone call the SF company to maybe act like a passenger and find out what their true schedule is? (I suck at things like that) We also need to put out calls on KQNG and KKCR for more water heros to come out again!!!!!!

And remember to keep your INTEGRITY- Stay in Love and Compassion- no rude remarks or actions to anyone, only this way will we be TRULY victorious!!!!

MAHALO TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep on dancing awake this life!

Help Hooser's effort to halt Superferry
by Keone Kealoha on 28 August 2007 - 12:00pm HST

Let's back Senator Gary Hooser's call for Lingle, DOT, and the Attorney General's office to negotiate a halt to Superferry operations, in order to diffuse a potentially violent escalation to the protests on Kaua`i. Hooser's comments are quoted in today's Honolulu Advertiser; below is the full release I got from the Garden Island News. We can call these numbers to comment.

• Governor Lingle's office: 808-586-0034; Aide's offices: 808-586-0221

• Governor Lingle's senior policy advisor is Linda Smith : (808) 586-5330; her assistant Margaret: (808) 586-0027. She will be handing him a copy of Hooser's release today when he gets out of meetings.

• Department of Transportation Director's Assistant
phone: (808) 587-2150

• Attorney General Mark Bennett:
phone: (808) 586-1500

Thanks also to JoAnn Yukimura for her many powerful comments to the media!

Gary Hooser's Statement on Hawaii Superferry
by Gary Hooser on 27 August 2007

State Senator Gary Hooser (District 7 – Kaua‘i, Ni‘ihau) today released the following statement on the current operation of the Hawai‘i Superferry:
"I am deeply concerned by what appears to be an imminent escalation of the conflict that was evident during last night’s actions on Kauai, protesting the operation of the Hawai‘i Superferry. In particular, we should all be concerned about the potential in these confrontations, for an increased risk of injury to those involved.

"As a result, I am requesting that all parties, Superferry employees, protesters, police and Coast Guard personnel, exercise restraint, keep all actions within the bounds of the law and avoid direct confrontation and unnecessary aggressive actions.

"In addition it is imperative that a cooling-off period be put into place immediately while our community works through the important questions that have been raised in the last few days.

"Therefore in the interest of preserving public safety I am requesting that Governor Lingle immediately work with Department of Transportation director Barry Fukunaga and the Attorney General's office, and call upon the Hawai‘i Superferry to cease operations while the courts consider the complex legal issues raised by last week’s ruling by the Hawai‘i Supreme Court, mandating an environmental assessment of the Superferry’s impact on our islands.

"The situation as it now stands is intolerable and fast approaching a point where serious injuries and further arrests are likely. Precipitous action benefits no one. Confrontations, injuries and arrests do not serve our community’s well-deserved reputation for mutual respect and aloha.

"I am also calling on Governor Linda Lingle to provide the leadership now lacking in this situation and begin a meaningful collaborative process aimed at averting further confrontations. But first, she must call on the management of Hawai‘i Superferry to cease operations until we have a solution that best serves the needs of our community."

Superferry Scheduled to Come Today
by Keone Kealoha on 28 August 2007 - 11:30am

Talked with Gov office – no official comment at this time; mentioned Sunday travelers are still ‘stranded’ on Kaua’i and that is a concern; directed me to contact Harbor Masters and Coast Guard for more info.

Contacted O’ahu Harbor Master (808-587-2070) - they have the HSF schedule to depart today. The man I spoke with said they currently have no demonstration on O’ahu.

There could be a more organized O’ahu support team. Do we have Sierra, Surfrider or other Environmental branches that might support? This would be good media and a good solidarity move, showing signs of a growing voice. Sen. Hooser would likely be there to support as well if on O’ahu today.

Contacted Nawiliwili Harbor Master Bob Crowell's office at 808-241-375 Annabel answered and stated that the HSF has a permit to come and they have received no word stating otherwise.

Contacted Coast Guard Command Ctr (on O’ahu) 808-541-2450. Talked with Lt. Cutler. He said they enforce security zones around cruise ships and HSF. He would not comment on what assets were recently assigned to Kaua’i but I got the sense they the assets are not being called down or back. He said they are very busy on Kaua’i and they may not even talk with callers at this time.Sounds like it’s on from what I’ve been hearing. You have any friends on O’ahu that would go down with a sign or two?

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