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Media Justice Conference on Oahu

"Comglomerates And The Media", by Erik Barnouw at

by Tracey Schavone 27 February 2007

Near the end of February, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) held a public meeting in Harrisburg PA and more than 300 people packed the hall to testify about possible changes to national media ownership rules.

Community members and industry representatives who care about Media Justice spoke truth to power for nearly five hours. They were united in their message: No more media conglomerates!

FCC rules currently limit the number of television and radio stations one company can own in any one area and do not allow for a newspaper and broadcast station to have the same owner. The FCC is considering relaxing these rules. They are required to hold public meetings, but they are not required to be diligent in informing the public about these meetings and often give last minute notice and/or hold the meeting at inconvenient times.

The FCC might hold a meeting in Hawaii. Are we informed and ready to add our voices to those calling for media to stay in touch with the needs and desires of communities, not fall into the hands of a very few, distant multinational corporations?

This is one aspect of Media Justice.
Please come to the Media Justice Conference on Saturday, March 17.
Get informed. Get involved. WE own the airwaves!

Hawaii People’s Fund supports Hawaii’s Peoples’ Voices!

The conference brochure and registration form is attached as a PDF file (400k).
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