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A message from the King

image above: Hokulea - The real Superferry. Check for history.

Cease and Desist Order
by Lanny Sinkin on 19 October 2007

The attached Cease and Desist Order issued on Friday, October 19, 2007. The legal opinion and exhibits also issued on that date.

The King is in seclusion mourning for the loss of his daughter, Maile, and celebrating the birth of his son, Nalikoliolau'okalani Paki Silva. He has issued the statement below.

For further information regarding Ali'i Nui Mo'i Silva and the restored Kingdom of Hawai'i, please visit

To send information or pose questions to His Majesty, you can send emails to Ali'i Nui Mo¯'i¯ Edmund Keli'i Silva, Jr. Those emails will receive a response in the near future.

For the moment, the King prefers the focus remain on the Superferry issue and that questions raised by the attached documents be directed to those responsible for creating the turmoil, particularly the Governor, the Attorney General, Senator Hanabusa, and Representative Say.

Message from the King:


The courage and commitment of the people on the Island of Kaua'i sent out a call we had to answer.

I have spent the past years quietly visiting with people, from the homeless to the powerful, to assess the state of the Kingdom. I have been assembling the necessary elements for putting in place a restored government.

When I witnessed the disintegration of the care taker government in the face of the Superferry, particularly the threatened use of law enforcement and even deadly force against people simply trying to enforce the law, I felt compelled to get more directly involved.

I have filed two declarations in the Federal litigation challenging the constitutionality and legality of the Department of Homeland Security Coast Guard security zone for Nawiliwili Harbor. I have filed an Order of Performance to the Hawai'i Supreme Court and will file an Update to that Order today.

I regret that the Kingdom is not sufficiently restored to provide law enforcement support for the Order to Cease and Desist. I call upon law enforcement to support the people and avoid entanglement with the conspirators and their allies in elected and appointed offices. Ultimately, the kuleana for illegal actions will rest squarely on the shoulders of those who take those actions, whether they acted "under orders" or not.

I call upon the people to publish the Cease and Desist Order at all public buildings, community bulletin boards, and other places where the people can learn of the Order. Any citizen in receipt of this message and the Order can consider themselves deputized to deliver the Order to elected officials, law enforcement, county prosecutors, or others who might be drawn into the illegal conspiracy to continue Superferry operation or the unconstitutional effort to overturn a final court decision through legislation.

The Kingdom stepped in to at least partially fill the void left by the disintegration of the care taker government. The Kingdom is restored.

Ali'i Nui Mo'i Edmund Keli'i Silva, Jr.


See the following files:

Cease&DesistsOrder.pdf 632k

Exhibits.pdf 824k

Opinion.pdf 408k



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My Vision of Hawaii

by Fred Dente on 18 October 20007

My vision: By consensus, the reconstituted Hawaiian Nation, led by Kanaka Maoli and inclusive of all Hawaiians at heart, completely and totally rejects the Hawai`i Superferry and it's pimps from from ever entering our waters and our harbors again.

Co-ordinated island wide protests, protests at the state capitol, the legislature, our county buildings, in the media, in the streets, at the harbors. As many boots on the ground as is possible. Welcome to the revolution, which we all knew was coming! We have the surfboard and the skills, and this is our wave to ride. If we are ever going to throw off the dark forces of the empire of death and destruction to all of us and to the Planet, we must negotiate with our bodies (like Cindy Sheehan, Lt. Watada, Dr. King, Ghandi) as well as with our minds, our checkbooks and our computers.

Even though we know that it's practically a done deal on O`ahu, we support our Knights of the Roundtable, Gary, Mina, Lanny, Isaac, Keone, Joel, Rich, Dayne, our Maui and Big Island compatriots, Judge Cordoza and the Supreme Court, etc., etc.... Our heroes are numerous. That nourishes and inspires us.

We are at the cutting edge of "the shift" in aMerIka, and the world. We have the tools and the wisdom of the Kupuna and the Ancients. We are all concious leaders. We must purge the blood from all of our hands, put there by the twisted minds who brought us the HSF, PMRF and Star Wars, the genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan, the taking of our rights, GMO's, and countless other diabolical schemes and tragedies. And, coming soon, the attack on Iran'

Do we negotiate with Evil, or do we slay the dragon' Or do we pretend that a bullshit compromise with Lingle the Bush clone will forestall the ultimate confrontation, and leave it for the next generation to deal with'

Protect the `Aina.

Protect the Keiki.

Honor the Ancestors, and Ourselves.

Protect Haloa the Taro Now!



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Hawaiians have the Highest of Responsibilities

by Craig Davis on 17 October 2007

Early Polynesians, later to become known as Hawai`ians, were the first to settle these islands and therefore have inherent sovereign rights to these lands.
Accurate history tells us that the Kingdom of Hawaii was illegally overthrown in 1893 by American diplomats, attorneys, greedy businessmen and the U.S.
military. As their ancestors passed on, Hawai`ian decedents became apathetic and slowly became accustomed to the lie that Hawaii is an American state.

During the late ‘60s-early’70s, many Hawai`ians awoke from the carefully crafted brainwashing and initiated the sovereignty movement to regain control of their land and way of life. Their first hero, George Helm, turned up missing in action, a horrible loss! In 1993, the United States publicly apologized to the Hawaiian people for “stealing” their land but, for obvious reasons, did not give it back.

Today, greedy American developers and landowners coupled with an enormous and ever growing military presence threaten what little remains of Alohaland.

Aloha is becoming “road rage”. In the forefront, The Superferry has become the “enough already” issue, the “last SuperStraw” in the rape of Hawaii. Daily we uncover evidence that SuperStraw is not a viable commercial venture but rather a lucrative military investment and necessity in disguise. The SuperStraw
is, in reality, a Miliferry and this Miliferry, with its sister component, the Stryker Brigade, will spell the end of any hopes for Hawaiian Independence. The Lingle/Bush military industrial complex seems to be succeeding in slipping it through all checks and balances. How the five members of the Supreme Court
must feel. How Judge Cardosa must feel' Pretty worthless would be my guess. Why are they even there'

How much taxpayer money went into months of court hearings, people’s time and attorney fees, not to mention all the preparatory military expense for martial law at Nawiliwili' Court decisions don’t seem to matter in this case and military expense has never been an issue. The military is ready and Queen Lingle will push the “SuperStraw” through even though her decisions may spark civil war in Hawaii. Perhaps that is the true agenda.

The Spanish/American war, which ended with the annexation of Hawaii in 1898, began with the USS Maine being blown up in Cuba. WW1 began with the sinking of the Lusitania. WW2 began with U.S. ships being blown up in Pearl Harbor. History proposes that these events were manufactured by the U.S. as excuses to go to war. Enter the MiliFerry…another excuse' It is evident the American dream has turned nightmare as the U.S., with ambassador Lingle, scrambles to lock down its most strategic military complex.

They know an Independent Hawai`i would spell the end of U.S. occupation and the opening of the Gateway to Global Aloha. Yes, the Gateway to Peace is right in front of us but it has been locked for over 100 years. The reinstatement of the Hawai`ian nation is the “key” to unlocking the gate! If the Hawaiian people do not take prompt and appropriate action, they will be reduced to the status of the "American Indian"! The Akaka Bill + Kau Inoa + Miliferry = Native Hawaiian Americans living on a U.S. military base.

What would your ancestors say' “How would they feel'” A Free Hawai`i, a physical model of how to live independently, peacefully and sustainably must be created if we are to produce World Peace. And to create a model for "Global Aloha", what better place to start than the Land of Aloha itself! The
persons who truly understand the spiritual core of the sovereignty movement know this. Hawai`ians must regain their Kingdom in order to create the independent, self-sufficient and peaceful model. Only Hawai`ians have the power to turn the key and open the gate.

Once the gate is open and the independent nation is formed, we will create an example the rest of the World can see, touch, praise and embrace. This is an awesome undertaking…there are answers to all questions…no problems… only solutions. Hawaii will become the prototype pivot point on which the entire World will turn towards peace. We must simply open the gate, use the knowledge of the past, the technology of the present and manifest a beautiful future.

My plea to the Hawaiian people: Recognize your responsibility to this Aina, to future generations, to your ancestors and to Ke Akua. Know this land is yours.
Awaken, come alive and take control of your Destiny. Determine your leader, and re-create your nation. Stand together proud and strong. You are the caretakers of these lands, the gatekeepers who can change the World. By opening the gate you can make way for the creation of a Brave New World...a New Dawn, a New Beginning. Yes, Hawaiians have the highest of responsibilities. You are holding the key to Peace on Earth! I beg you...please use it. I'd hate to have to visit you on your reservation!