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Call to Action this Sunday!

image above: Poster by Juan Wilson. Click on graphic to enlarge. Use as you see fit.

Nawiliwili Ti Party

by Judy Dalton on 2 November 2007

Sunday, November 4th, 2007 at Noon

Potluck, Paddle, Party!

Nawiliwili Park, Lihue Kauai

Let's send a strong and clear message to Governor Lingle: Follow the law!
There will be a peaceful gathering this Sunday at Nawiliwili to protest the governor's and legislature's unprecedented disregard for the law to permit the Superferry to sail prior to completiion of an EIS.

While the governor is working on finalizing conditions for the Superferry this weekend, (see news items below) we can turn our outrage into a productive endeavor. Let's send a message that the ferry must not sail unless environmental laws are followed.

Kaua'i, the Big Island, and Maui are holding peaceful protests in solidarity. The Kaua'i event is Sunday at Nawiliwili Park and Harbor at noon. Please come! Numbers count!

If we turn up by the hundreds we can have an impact with your signs such as:
EIS FIRST, Protect Marine Life, Preserve our Culture, Protect Our Environment, Speed Kills, Protect Baby Whales, Don't Ignore Environmental Laws, Obey the Courts, Mahalo to legislators who voted No, When Injustice Becomes Law Then Resistance Becomes Duty.



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Call to Action!

image above: detail of Nawiliwili Ti Party poster by Jonathan Jay. click on image to download

Kauai Superferry Nawiliwili Ti Party
by Andrea Brower on 30 October 2007

Although the final vote has not taken place, it is certain that the Superferry bill will pass.

How do we react? Of course there will be massive protest when the Superferry attempts to enter Kahalui and Nawiliwili Harbors, but we need to voice our
outrage prior to its dreaded return.

How about a state-wide demonstration in protest of the bill? Aunty Louise and Aunty Nani will lead a water protest at Nawiliwili Harbor at 12:00 this Sunday.
Folks on Oahu, Maui and Hawai'i Island could plan their own actions to take place simultaneously. Let's send a loud and clear message to the Hawai'i Superferry and corrupt politicians that we will not back down--we still say A'OLE!!

We need quick action to pull this event together--please help spread the word throughout the islands.

Me ke aloha,
Andrea Noelani

Proposed Sunday Noon Maui Action
by Karen Chun on 31 October 2007
It's On!
In solidarity with Kaua'i and Big Island, Maui will hold a Justice Protest at the Wailuku County Court House this Sunday from 1-3pm.

We will be inviting our State Legislators, County Councilmembers and others to speak about the importance of respecting our Judicial Branch, Upholding our environmental laws, Not passing special interest bills, and protecting the neighbor islands. Tentative Events: (open to suggestions)

1. Short introduction: We are here to show our support for the Judiciary and evenly applied laws. When special interests can buy hasty legislation, it harms us, the people; it harms the ocean; it harms our land; and it harms our belief in the rule of law. We're here today to bless the Courthouse and bless those who still pin their hopes on the rule of law, that the Superferry controversy outcome will be what is
right and good for our neighbor islands.

2. Blessing (We're asking some special people to do this but haven't gotten hold of them yet). All join hands while being we and the Courthouse are blessed with a Hawaiian blessing.

3. Those of our elected officials (and possibly others) who would like address the crowd at this time.

4. Press conference with opportunity to question speakers and organizers.

5. Retire to a nice place (need suggestions) and have a potluck and party.

This action is most likely sponsored by 4 or more organizations (we are all talking to our boards right now to be able to speak officially) This will be an uplifting and inspiring event in which we appeal to that which is best in each human being.

Appropriate signs might include: Justice, No Special Interest Laws, The Court Has Spoken, Haste Makes Waste, Don't Gut HRS 343, Our Laws Protect Our Environment, We Still Have Faith in the Court. (more suggestions?)

Our messages will be:

No Special Interest Laws
Don't Gut Hawai'i Environmental Law
Political Favors Make Bad Laws

Any more ideas? Feedback?
We'll coordinate this so if you would like to talk please email

Hilo Superferry Protest Wednesday
by Jim Albertini on 30 October 2007

Aloha kakou,
Kai Maguire of UHH student group Mau Pono has asked for community support to protest the Legislative Special Session and Special legislation to exempt the Superferry from doing an EIS FIRST BEFORE it operates.

The Hilo protest is set for Wednesday, Oct. 31st 3pm at the Hilo State Building.
Please pass the word. Bring signs if can, but the important thing is come and join together in protest.

Jim Albertini
Malu `Aina Center For Non-violent Education & Action
P.O. Box AB
Ola`a (Kurtistown), Hawai`i 96760
phone: 808-966-7622



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A Safe Nawiliwili Ti Party

image above: Nawiliwili Ti Party by Jonathan Jay

by Brad Parsons on 28 October 2007

I was contacted yesterday in reference to my brief analysis of the Superferry bill text.

The person said that I should not widely distribute analysis that helps the opposition find their own mistakes that could be corrected. That person is in contact with the Maui plaintiffs while I am not. Apparently the Maui plaintiffs are confident with their ability to challenge the proposed bill/law.

After that conversation I thought a lot about this bill and how people may react. I think it is important for people to be aware of the power of those who have thusfar not spoken much publicly about this for example: Matson, Alexander and Baldwin, Young Brothers, Hawaiian Electric, Senator Inouye, and Senator Akaka, just to mention a few.

It is also important to be aware of the State Supreme Court in relation to the longstanding powerstructure in Hawaii. Linda Lingle and even Hawaii Superferry and even John Lehman do not derive their political power from the longstanding powerstructure in Hawaii. Lingle, Lehman, and Superferry derive their power from the current Republican powerstructure on the Mainland. This is important to keep in mind when looking at what exactly the Legislature is doing now and how people might react in a way to be effective without unnecessarily risking their own personal safety.

I think now that there are interests in the Legislature who listened intently to the public testimony and are intentionally helping us and the real power structure in Hawaii by bringing forward and passing a bill/law that by its text will be able to be invalidated by the courts, except for the part where HI Superferry waives state liability.

In light of this, I think it is important that people plan their protests to be effective but not to risk their personal safety and future for the sake of these temporary actions. Specifically as this relates to Nawiliwili Harbor, I noticed that the Nawiliwili Park appears to be close but outside of the Security Zone.

Also the intersection of Nawiliwili Road and Waapa Road, I believe it is, that only has a stop sign and not the traffic light that it should have, is close but outside of the Security Zone. These would seem to be responsible, safe locations from which to mount a massive demonstration... a Nawiliwili Ti Party, if you will.



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Politics Smells these days

by Lanny Sinkin on 26 October 2007

I was born under the Chinese sign of the Dog. As most folks know, dogs have a very well developed sense of smell. The smells detected transmit information to the brain that is translated into images of the surrounding reality.

So this morning I have paused in the ongoing work to sift through the smells on the political air.

The most obvious smell is fear.
Look at the bill the liberals drew up. They had their opportunity to incorporate all the passion, insights, and challenges brought forth at the hearings in the outer islands and make a stand against the tyranny emanating from the Governor's office and the criminal conspiracy she organized to keep Superferry operating after the Supreme Court ruling.
The bill the liberals drew up is pathetic. The conditions imposed are negligible. The only purpose they have served is to raise hopes among the resistance and then dash those hopes in an apparent effort to demoralize the resistance. Their service to the central command will certainly be acknowledged with support in the coming election cycle.

Of course they must take individual responsibility for their actions. We are each gifted with life and free will. We are always capable of rising to meet any challenge and acting from a place of fearlessness. When we decide to blend in and go along, even with tyranny and criminality, we give away our birthright. We need not worry about the perspective future generations will have of our cowardice; we need only look in the mirror and ask "Is that who I really am?"

What are they afraid of in the Superferry scenario? "Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power." Benito Mussolini.

The second smell is rot.

The liberal legislators do give some of their power away to the Democratic Party leadership. An official in the party told me at the O'ahu hearing that the new law was a done deal and that the Senators had gone to the outer islands to provide the Senators with some cover within their constituency. The party leadership had, therefore, joined in the unconstitutional effort to overturn a final court judgment on behalf of a criminal conspiracy.

Just as the Democratic Party at the national level took impeachment off the table, the Democratic Party at the state level never allowed impeachment to be on the table in the first place. In its place, the Party put appeasement.

Brother Hightower's column asks a very important question: Where have all the politically courageous leaders gone? Maybe fear is the answer to that question as well. After a spasm of political assassination changed United States history, speaking the truth as a politician became a life threatening act. More and more politicians hid within political packages designed to convince people that there was a gift inside when actually there was only a frightened child hiding from commitment.

One speaker at the hearings said "We are not in the sixties anymore" as a reference to the resistance as a historical artifact. The more appropriate historical framework would be Germany in the 30s, where the silence of those who saw what was happening and did nothing led directly to the imposition of dictatorship and the gas chambers.

There is another smell on the air – puakinikini, lilikoi, plumeria, tuber rose, and all the other flowers in the garden where we live. We bathe in their fragrance and express gratitude for their existence. We find healing and peace within their embrace.

So from that place of peace, we forgive those who act from fear and apologize if our expressed perceptions appear harsh. The love we have for the planet that makes life possible produces a passion that speaks truth in terms that are blunt to those who disrespect the planet. The anger we feel stems from the love we feel. Ours is righteous anger towards attitudes and actions that can indeed be characterized as haole because they are foreign to the Hawaiian way of thinking and behaving.

We see the beast in the greedy, destructive behavior of those who insist that the Earth and the Natural World are the beast that must be crushed and domesticated. We are constantly amazed at people who live life as if they hate life. Upside down and backwards we call them.

So we use the tools that they pretend to believe in to help them believe in something outside their appetites. We go to their legislative hearings and testify. We go to their courts and petition. We go to their media with press conferences, letters, and opinion editorials. We participate in their elections. We go where they are and speak in their language to try to connect them to their higher self and to a vision of a better world.

While we can see their sickness so clearly, getting them to even acknowledge that they might be sick is a tremendous challenge. They are so immersed in their State of Consumption and pursuit of empire that they consider us quaint, as throw backs to a time which no longer exists. They will increase their speed towards the cliff rather than engage in self examination.

So what do we do? We rededicate ourselves to love. We send our love to the planet with our intention of healing. We send our love to the sleep walkers with the intention that they awake. And we leave our garden once again to see whether any of their tools still work and whether our living example of commitment to the Earth can awaken them.

Back to the courts. Back to the water.

Lanny Sinki
P. O. Box 944
Hilo, Hawaii 96721
phone: (808) 936-4428

Attorney at Law (Federal Practice)
Ali'i Mana'o Nui (Chief Advocate and Spiritual Advisor) by appointment of
Ali'i Nui Mo'i (King) Edmund Keli'i Silva, Jr.

While Most of the Democrats Cower
the Presidency Is Taking Over
the Courts & Congress

by Jim Hightower on 23 October 2007 in the Hightower Lowdown

Where is Congress? It's way past time for members to stand up. Historic matters are at stake. The Constitution is being trampled, the very form of our government is being perverted, and nothing less than American democracy itself is endangered - a presidential coup is taking place. I think of Barbara Jordan, the late congresswoman from Houston. On July 25, 1974, this powerful thinker and member of the House Judiciary Committee took her turn to speak during the Nixon impeachment inquiry.

"My faith in the Constitution is whole; it is complete; it is total," she declared in her thundering voice. "And I am not going to sit here and be an idle spectator to the diminution, the subversion, the destruction, of the Constitution."

Where are the likes of Barbara Jordan in today's Congress? While the BushCheney regime continues to establish a supreme, arrogant, autocratic presidency in flagrant violation of the Constitution, members of Congress largely sit there as idle spectators - or worse, as abettors of Bush's usurpation of their own congressional authority.

Why It Matters
Separation of powers. Rule of law. Checks and balances. These may seem to us moderns to be little more than a set of dry, legal precepts that we had to memorize in high-school history class but need not concern us now. After all, the founders (bless their wigged heads!) established these principles for us back in 17-something-or-other, so we don't really have to worry about them in 2007. Think again. These are not merely arcane phrases of constitutional law, but the very keystones of our democracy, essential to sustaining our ideal of being a self-governing people, free of tyrants who would govern us on their own whim. The founders knew about tyranny. The monarch of the time, King George III, routinely denied colonists basic liberties, spied on them and entered their homes at will, seized their property, jailed anyone he wanted without charges, rounded up and killed dissidents, and generally ruled with an iron fist. He was both the law and above the law, operating on the twin doctrines of "the divine rule of kings" and "the king can do no wrong."

(Alert: Ready or not, the following is a high-school refresher course on American government. There will be a test.) At the front of the founders' minds was the necessity of breaking up the authority of their new government in order to avoid re-creating the autocracy they had just defeated. The genius of their structure was that legislating, administering, and judging were to be done by three separate but coequal branches, each with powers to check the other two, and none able to aggregate all three functions into its own hands (a result that James Madison called the very definition of tyranny). Just as important, to deter government by whim, all members of the three branches were to be subject to the laws of the land (starting with the Constitution and Bill of Rights), with no one above the law. As Thomas Paine said, "The law is king."

These were not legal niceties but core restraints designed to protect citizens from power grabs by ambitious autocrats. Such restrictions also make our country stronger by vetting policies through three entities rather than one. This balanced authority helps avoid many serious policy mistakes (or at least offers a chance to correct them later), and it is intended to prevent the one mistake that's fatal to democracy - allowing one branch to seize the power to rule unilaterally.