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POSTED: 30 AUGUST 2007 - 8:00pm HST

Tragedy Strikes the American Dream on August 29th

by John House Wilson on 30 Augusr 2007


Yesterday, while angrily texting on its Motorola Razor, The American Dream plowed its H2, the yellow one with the hot rims, into an Applebee’s on the Vegas Strip.

Initially, The American Dream only sustained a few external wounds but after frantically scrambling out of the fajita encrusted Hummer, the Dream suffered a massive coronary attack that stressed its obese slab-like body beyond its limits.

There in parking lot The Dream died. The Dream is survived by its two children Austin and Madison, its three dogs, two jet skis, four ATVs, its classic 69’ Camero and one hell of a sweet fishing boat.

Ceremonies will be held for The Dream in Fort Worth this Sunday at the Costco Arena and Community Prayer House of Pancakes.

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