POSTED 21 AUGUST 2007 - 7:00am HST

Two Modest Proposals

image above: Section thru the upper part of US Capital dome. Click on it to enlarge.

by Mark Jeffers on 14 August 2008

Yes, these times are difficult to wrap our thinking around. What are the best ways for us to be using our time . . . . ‘business as usual’ or ‘let’s get down to business’. People ask me occasionally, “what do you do when you’re not being Russell the Rooster?”

“ Thinking of how to help things get better”, is more or less my standard answer to old or young who ask me. “I mean getting better for everyone, everywhere, not just in my neighborhood”.

So when I am thinking about what will make things get better, two ideas over the last few years keep coming up for me. It is my sincere wish that these two modest proposals will help us on Kauai think about our place in the World. They are as follows:

for our Kaua`i and Hawaiian well being, we’ll encourage our Government officials to write into law specific limits to our islands’ exploitation. For example: How many more Car dealerships does Kauai need? Military Facilities? How many more Costco stores do we need? K-Marts?, Corn Research and Development Corporations? I’m serious, we will write into our law that Kauai may not license another Costco-style store anywhere on the island . . . period, and I like the store!

This kind of selective law making is discriminatory, I agree. So what. We’re an island, duh? Decisions about what comes on or off this island is how the Sugar Companies and the Ali`i before them gained their fortunes and control of these lands, its also why we still have our roosters, independent spirit, and richly flavored spirit of Aloha. So let’s take charge and limit ourselves as to what we bring in and allow to flourish on Kauai. Is it so hard to say no?

for our national well being, the people of the United States will re-build the “Capital City of our Government” every eight or 10 years., then, like the ‘City of the Olympics’ we’ll achieve a more balanced pursuit of politics.

This nation-wide endeavor will break apart the “Old Boy Network” in Washington D.C. that strangles our representatives strength & effectiveness, it will help “D.C.” get over itself a little bit, it will provide new jobs in whatever capital city that is currently being built, it will create a great new Historic tourist attraction for the East Coast of the US, and it will help to re-build many once great American Cities.

Suffice it to say: I am for a more interdependent Island community and Nation working together; old & young, rich or poor. The word “Super” should not apply to things entering any small interdependent community because we give away our power of authority to choose what is best for ourselves to someone else who does not even live here or love Kauai. The litmus test of our success is that we should all be able to explain what we “do for a living” to young people, and how it’s good for everyone for seven generations. Let’s all be able to do that for their sake and our own.

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