POSTED 23 SEPTEMBER 2008 - 7:30am HST

The Global Economy is Crashing
The Time is Now for a Local Economy!

image above: detail of masthead of Mana Ohana website

A Meeting At The Storybook Theatre

Meeting to explain Mana Ohana plan for The Green Garden

28 September 2008 from 6:00pm-8:00pm

The Storybook Theatre
3814 Hanapepe Road
Hanapepe HI 96716

Even & Lauren Meek
(808) 335-6169

by Even Meek on 22 September 2008
We cannot wait any longer Kauai! The time is now!

Mana `Ohana, LLC is holding a FINAL MEETING to inform EVERYONE of how they can get involved in helping Kauai to stop importing 90% of it's food!

This is NOT a government organization, it is NOT a non-profit and this meeting isn't to sit around and talk about what we "Could Do." (Comment not directed at the many organizations helping with positive change through grass roots efforts) We want people who are ready to IMMEDIATELY take action, and start moving Kauai towards sustainability TODAY! Mana `Ohana, LLC has the facilities and the plan to start to help make this dream a reality!

If you are a; farmer, local products business, active community member, baker, caterer, aspiring restaurant owner, potential investor or are involved in any type of business that aspires to sustain the food/products supply on kauai through local means, or someone who aspires to increase the health, wellness or homeopathic awareness on Kauai, please attend!

image above: Entry sign to the old Green Garden Restaurant in Hanapepe, Kauai, HI

The purpose of this meeting is to explain in depth the plans, structure and purpose of Mana `Ohana (Located amomg the buildings at the Historic Green Garden Restaurant site), answer questions from the audience, solidify the final plan for the site, and to initiate the actual move-in to the building with contracts available on site for interested parties. We would like to encourage residents of all communities to come, in hopes that similar "Cooperatives" can be started all over the island. Mana `Ohana knows that the plans they have cannot be executed by their business alone.

This needs to be an island-wide effort, and it needs to happen now!

MAHALO to Organizations like Malama Kauai, Mana Oha, KKCR, Sunshine Markets and ALL OTHER ORGANIZATIONS that are helping with the daunting task of Sustainability on Kauai, and most importantly inspiring businesses like Mana `Ohana, LLC to take action and put themselves on the line for the future of Kauai.

Opportunities Available:
- Ownership Investment
- Business Space Rental
- Farmers Market Space
- Commercial Kitchen
- Retail Local & "Health" Food Store and Deli (Local Products for placement)
- Refrigeration/Storage Space
- Crafting & Outdoor Booth Space

Mahalo Kauai! See You THERE!

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