POSTED: 25 MAY 2008 - 5:00pm HST

An ordanance against bunker fuel pollution

image above: Bunker fuel cleanup workers behind soiled bamboo fence in Nueva Vale, Guimaris

by Dan Hempey on 24 May 2008

Hi All.

Dan reporting from Kokee with a big flu. I just read in the Garden Island News

The state Legislature last session deferred a bill proposing a three-year pilot program to determine the level and environmental impact of air pollution caused by bunker-fuel burning in cruise vessels docked or moored at Nawiliwili Harbor.

“Frankly, I’m concerned that Norwegian Cruise Lines wasn’t more cooperative,” Hooser said. “Why do we get dirtier standards than California?”

Anyway, I raised this before in another context. Why doesn't Kauai County limit these bunker fuel emissions, by Ordinance? They can, if they want. See below.


46-17 Regulation of certain public nuisances.

Any provision of law to the contrary notwithstanding, the council of any county may adopt and provide for the enforcement of ordinances regulating or prohibiting noise, smoke, dust, vibration, or odors which constitute a public nuisance. No such ordinance shall be held invalid on the ground that it covers any subject or matter embraced within any statute or rule of the State; provided that in any case of conflict between a statute or rule and an ordinance, the law affording the most protection to the public shall apply, ...




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Picket Cruise Ship Bunker Fuel Pollution

image above: detail from handout flyer to educate cruiseship passengers. Click to see all of it.


Ask your Cruise Ship to Burn Cleaner Fuel

In one night NCL's "Pride of America" emits over 7 tons of pollution, more than all the cars on Kauai combined!
(6450 lbs of sulfur dioxide,
8550 lbs of nitrogen oxide
& 1240 lbs of soot)

One of Kauai's largest high schools and hundreds of residents are within a quarter-mile of the harbor.  Several studies have related deaths, increased cancer risks, heart disease, and other health effects to exposure to cruise ship smoke.

It would only cost an additional 50 cents per passenger to burn cleaner fuel, reducing emissions by 70%

If you care about Kauai please
to switch to cleaner fuel today!


Demonstration to highlight Norwegian Cruise Ship
air pollution of Niumalu Valley.

Wednesday, 22 May 2008, from 7:00am - 7:00pm

Nawiliwili Harbor, Pier Two

Please come out and support Niumalu Valley's Informative Picket of NCL
Pride of America Thursday, May 22 from 7 AM to 7 PM, at the Nawiliwili pier 2 gate.

The boat is scheduled to arrive at pier 2 that morning and will be leaving at 12 noon the next day. A Pre-Picket meeting is schedule for 6 AM (sharp) at Niumalu Beach Park (located behind the harbor, just past the one-lane bridge).

Please, we need your help (your kokua) to stop the violations of EPA National Air Quality Standards occurring in Niumalu Valley and Kauai High School due to NCL's cruise ship plume (see attached fact sheet).

Show-up when you can, morning or afternoon. We need volunteers for support, signage, honkers, flyers, drinks and pupus.

Volunteers, please send me an email at

The ultimate goal is to pressure NCL to burn cleaner fuel while in Nawiliwili Harbor which would reduce pollution by 70 percent.

The goal for Thursday is Bad Public Exposure for NCL

1. We will be handing out informative Flyers

2. We will try and get newspaper and TV coverage Ideally, we would like to see Stop NCL Dirty Boatsą on national TV, but we will settle for The Garden Island, Advertiser and StarBulletin and perhaps a little local TV.

NCL is the only cruise line that does not support burning cleaner fuel to reduce pollution while in Nawiliwili Harbor.
Remember, be nice to the tourists. We want them on our side. The flyer will be asking them to choose another cruise line (Carnival, Princess, Holland, etc) on their next vacation - to support cleaner air.
Lastly, we will be honking the boat.

The road is just 20 yards from the NCL boat. So the concept is to pollute NCL with sound just as NCL pollutes the Niumalu Valley with SO2 and Particulate Matter from their smoke stack. It could get a little noisy, so, we'll have an ample supply of ear plugs.