POSTED: 28 APRIL 2008 - 8:30am HST

Prepare for the economic hurricane

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by Greg Holtzman on 28 April 2008 in The Garden Island News

I just wanted to get some people to think a bit about what is coming this summer.
There is an economic storm brewing in the world. Our geographic isolation is going to make it very important that all of us start to prepare as if a hurricane was headed our way.

Economically speaking, the people who live month-to-month and have little savings are going to be the hardest hit.

All of us need to watch our spending and support our local businesses. Most important is to try and support the local farmers who might very well be our lifeline to fresh food. Shipping is going to be a big problem as fuel prices go beyond our imagination.

We need to think about cutting our driving and using public transportation more. Bikes are a good way to stay in shape and save a few bucks.

If we prepare for the coming summer as though an economic hurricane was coming and think of ways to become more self sufficient as an island community, we will be in a better place when the storm clouds clear. For now we should be prepared for a tough time ahead. Stay closer to home, grow a garden, support your farmers, share a ride, etc.

For as we know from the past storms, the people who are prepared fare better than those who ignore the warnings.

We as islanders are going to increasingly depend on each other to continue to enjoy and prosper here on Kauai.

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