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Exxon electromagentic waves

video above: Exxon Mobil promotiom of R3m technology at:

by Lee Tepley on 23 July 2008

You can’t see it and you can’t hear it but the earth has electromagnetic waves --”. This is part of a quote from a smiling announcer in an ExxonMobil TV commercial which has been running frequently for the last few weeks. These electromagnetic waves are supposedly detected by something called R3M technology - and after a quick Google search on R3M, I found a picture which may have been taken from the commercial (see attachment). It has the same smiling announcer and 3 circles containing abstract mathematical symbols (actually Maxwell’s Equations).

The announcer goes on to describe ExxonMobil’s R3M technology which analyzes the earth’s “electromagnetic waves” and will use them to discover oil buried beneath the bottom of the sea.

Many years ago I did a little work on the physics of the earth and I had never heard of the earth’s “electromagnetic waves” – but a quick Google search turned up several web sites about R3M technology. And surprise!! surprise!! The earth only has electromagnetic waves when ExxonMobil puts them there.

The following is a quote from an Exxon article on it’s R3M technology – “A high-power transmitter would blast electromagnetic energy waves into the sea floor, and the sensors would record the response.”

Note the word “blast” which I underlined.

The article goes on to explain how analyzing the waves returned from beneath the sea-floor would help ExxonMobil discover buried pools of oil – and how ExxonMobil also hopes R3M “will enable it to spot oil where others might miss it, allowing it to lock up permits and perhaps negotiate better contracts with countries where the oil is located.”

So the creatures of the deep (including deep-diving whales) will now be exposed to “blasts” of electromagnetic energy that they never felt before. Will this affect their ability to navigate?? They are already likely to use the earth’s magnetic field for navigation – so will alternating high-powered magnetic fields make any difference?? I haven’t the slightest idea – and neither does ExxonMobil.

Finally, is ExxonMobil engaging in blatantly false advertising?? – or was it’s advertising department so carried away with the abstract art in the 3 circles that it lost contact with reality??

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