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There are plenty of alternatives out there

image above: A motor Tricycle rickshaw sedan by Qinai Motor Limited

by Juan Wilson on 27 June 2008

Throughout India, China and much of Asia there has been a tradition of human powered vehicles generally called rickshaws, that evolved from foot power to pedal power.

image above: A hand tinted photo of human poowed rickshaw from 1886. See Wikipedia for more

image above: a modern variant of pedalled side-mounted bicycle on rickshaw frame

In recent decades have employed piston power. The motorbike now has been attached to the rickshaw more and more sophisticated vehicles. There have been several niches of vehicle need served by this technology including the sedan (see above), the van, the pickup truck, etc.

image above: A motor Tricycle pickup rickshaw by Qinai Motor Limited

The vehicles illustrated above are the product of an Indian manufacturer, Qinai Motors Limited, a company with less than 500 employees. Their vehicles are aerodynamic and designed to satisfy a more "western" aesthetic than some other manufacturers like Dee India Overseas.

The specifications on the Qinai Motors vehicles indicate they can get nearly 70 miles per gallon.


Detailed Product Description
Engine type: 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, water-cooled
Displacement (ml) : 198. Transmission Way: Axle
Transmission: 4 Forward and 1 Reverse
Dimension (mm) : 2850*1350*1660 (9.3 long x 4.5 wide x 5.5 feet high)
Bore*Stroke (mm) : 64*63 Roted
Net Power [kw / (r / min) ]: 10. 3 / 8000 (14hp @ 8000rpm)
Maximum Net Torque [Nm / (r / min) ]: 13 / 7000
Idle Speed (RPM) : 1500
Lubrication type: pressure spray
Fuel tank capacity (L) : 12 (3 gallons)
Fuel efficiency (L / 100km) : <3. 5 (> 67mpg)
Start method: electric Ignition: CDI
Clutch Method: pedal operation and Adjusting
Braking distance / initial speed30km / h: <=6. 5m
Minimun turning diameter (m) : 6.0 (20 ft)
Brake. (F / R) : disk / drum
Net Weight (KG) : 400 (880 lbs)
Front Suspension: Hydraulic Spring
Rear Suspension: Complete / Hydraulic Spring
Ground cleance (mm) : 170 Tire: 5. 00-10
Wheel base (mm) : 1150 Axle Base9mm) : 1850
Maximum Load (KG) : 500 (6 persons) Max Speed: >60 kmh (37 mph)

We are the company that specialized in selling motorcycles, scooter, three wheeler (motor tricycle, auto rickshaw) , E-bikes, ATV, and different type of trucks.

What is more we have the electric vehicles now and they are really very popular.

We have our own factory and it is the leading manufacture which enjoys high reputation in these fields.



Electric rickshaws are available too. Along with the golf-cart I suspect that small will be beautiful and standard on the American road sooner than most think. Some pedalled ecterically assisted rickshaws are being marketed towards westerners that look much like the rickshaws of the past. Welcome to the future.

image above: electrically assisted rickshaw with solar panel by Bluebird Electric Rickshaw

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