POSTED: 30 APRIL 2008 - 3:00pm HST

Westside Big Tent Kuka Kuka

by Jonathan Jay on 30 April 2008

In spite of what you may have heard, The BIG Tent Kukakuka Kontinues!
Just exactly when and where is always was: All welcome under the BIG Tent!

BIG Tent Kukakuka in Kekaha

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 at 6:00-9:00pm

Kekaha Neighborhood Center

YOU, if you come, West Side Community Members, and possibly even some GMO Toxicologists if their schedule will allowThere are TWO GMO/West Side related events tonight. Come to one or Both!

Jonathan Jay at 808-634-3390

Jimmy Torio ( wrote:
The level of grassroots collection here on Kauai have begun to sprout fruits like a mango tree. Kupuna Jose comment on individual decisions geing made before acting is important.

Important however, to either plan to act or continue to wait and see? By offering a personal finger hoping more fingers will start to connect with each other is for me, the indication on whether this island and us all will walk our talk?. My finger provides the Kuka kuka tent and will be there April 30.

Jonathan Jay ( wrote:
As great as it is to share our views, it is even more important to ho`olohe - to listen... and then of course take unified action.

There are many issues at play on the west side (as with the rest of the island), and the best thing the rest of the island can do for the west side is to first listen to the locals. it is through listening that alliances and coalitions can be built, followed by progress made on the challenges we all face.

In this moment, there is a crisis on the west side that seems to have begin with toxic spraying, and seems stuck finding an appropriate response to shut down this offending activity. People are getting poisoned, and it is not just the keikies. these actions must stop immediately.

Without trying to direct from East Side, it seems to me one great priority of this upcoming West Side BIG Tent would be to focus on the this specific challenge, and finding solutions we can quickly put into effect.

If we can ALSO bring attention to other issues, and continue with additional alliance and coalition building, GREAT - but it i for one would like to be part of a rapid, effective, and broad grassroots response and resolution to these flagrant acts of willful negligence.

Poisoning people is never ok.

Jose Bulatau Jr. ( wrote:

Suffice it to say, we each have our priorities, our commitments, and our perspectives.

Along the way, for those of us who live in communities in west-Kauai, we need to come to terms with how our lives are or will be impacted with respect to community-development, economic realities, infra-structure, health services, the presence of drug trafficking and use, along with a myriad of other concerns and issues that vie for our time and attention.

We cannot sit on the sidelines and be mere observers. It is important to seek the ways and means by which we can be pro-active in the decision-making processes.

In this regard, I humbly encourage all of you to seriously consider the extent to which you may become involved with one method being proposed.

A huge tent will be brought to our midst at an announced time and place to invite residents within the given area to come together to
let their voices be exchange ideas and gather plan and implement.....etc.

Instead of merely being pointers of the is the opportunity to seek and to shape solutions to those problems.

I look forward to being a part of that process. I hope you will, too. If so, please circulate this message to family and friends. Let's go beyond the "talk" and begin to "walk the walk."

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