POSTED: 29 AUGUST 2007 - 7:00am HST

Illegal Superferry Operations

image above: Benjanmin Kali at the wedding of his son Mitchell in April 2007

by Benjamin Kali on 28 August 2007 HST

Public Law 103-150,107 Statute 1510 (The Clinton Apolgy Bill) confirmed the violation of International Law by the Representatives of the United States of America.

It demonstrated the commitment by the United States Government to reconcile the wrong done to the inherent sovereignty of the Indigenous native Hawaiian people and the people of Kauai.

The sovereign ocean of Kauai extends 200 miles out to sea. The Super Ferry is not a government warship to have a circular security zone upon sovereign Hawaiian waters in time of peace without an Environmental Impact Study. It is illegal for the Superferrry to be sailing in the face of a court order, This has resulted in law enforcement officers taking into custody people defending our island.

Now the Coast Guard has issued a Security Warning for the Superferry making it a terrorist act punishable by ten years in prison to come within 100 yards of the Superferry without permission. The truth is this regulation actually does not go into effect until September 10th and cannot be applied in the current situation.

We are witnessing Native Hawaiian’s and other races of people trying to band together to protect the island of Kauai as American citizens with liberty and justice for all.

In my eyes, the people of Kauai have spoken, and they are risking their lives and freedom to protect the island of Kauai.

Imua Kauai!!!

Benjamin K. Kali Sr.
Kindgdom of Atooi
Serial Number A000004
Hanapepe, Kauai

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