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The Golden Rule of Technology

"Technological Progress" does not solve problems, it creates them.

An Ending

Like many other US farms and towns, we're in an extended cold spell.

Trump and Russian Bombshell

Bannon claims Trump Jr. took Russians to his father after their meeting.

Hold Dear the Lamp Light

When we were young, before the tides rose up and the power went out.  

What Could Go Wrong?

Jim Kunstler's predictions for 2018 don't paint a pretty picture for America. 

'Shrinking the Technosphere' review

Getting a grip on technology limiting our self-sufficiency and freedom.

Post-Carbon Music

The job of the artist, after all, is to remind us that we’re already in paradise.

Debt as a weapon on the poor

Are we operating a monetary theory were debt does not matter to the rich?

Christmas Story

It’s a Wonderful Life presents a USA scene poised to arc toward tragedy.


Last year’s offspring forgotten with fresh threads on life’s ancient tapestry.

CRYSPR  and Genedrive danger

Genedrives outside the labs is too risky says former advocating scientist.

Activism in the Anthropocene

To withstand the waves, winds & wars we must address our incoherence.

Update on Wailua Diversions

Grove Farms and KIUC use of north and south forks of the Wailua River.

Top 101 healing herbs and spices

Herbs and spices that can be consumed or used topically for healing.

Climate Change and our children

How to help my daughter face Climate Change with an open heart.

Strafing run at Salt Pond Beach

Lifeguards said military helicopters were a clear danger to the public.

Stop Navy killing marine mammals

Tell them to examine alternatives limiting harm to marine mammals.

The Archipelago of Hope

The “complete rebirth on the land” becomes a real option for all of us.

Human well-being vs GDP Growth

We must increase human well-being and reduce our impact on Earth.

AI already has taken over

Artificial Intelligence now dominates modern corporate "personhood".

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Island Breath is an online publication dedicated to people interested in the well being of the island of Kauai.  For us sustainability is crucial.

Kauai is often called the "Garden Island". It is lush and fruitful - yet threatened. If this island cannot be self-sustaining there is little hope for the rest of this world.

We define sustainability as:

• Using nonrenewable resources no faster than they are recycled.

• Using renewable resources no faster than they are regrown.

• Restoring the variety and balance of living species.

• Enhancing the art and knowledge of human cultures.

Sustainability is not, however, a means for the continuing the status quo.

We have named our website “Island Breath” or “Breath of the Island” because in Hawaiian that phrase would be...

“Ea O Ka `Aina”

"The Spirit, Life and Sovereignty of the Land”

In fact, for many years the motto of Hawaii has been...

"Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka `Aina I Ka Pono"

"Sovereinty of the Land
is Perpetuated in Righteousness"

There will be focus on...

Peace •
Environment • Justice • Regionalism • Activism • Culture

In the relation to...

Industrialism • Militarism • Corporatism • Collapse • Peak Oil • Climate Change

We invite articles submitted by our readers.You can add an article (subject to editorial approval) by emailing what you want to say to one of our staff.

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