How To
Nutrition Big Pic Current Energy

Save the Earth planting Weed

The cheapest fastest way to avoid climate collapse is to plant cannabis.

Ugly Gerry font of voting districts

A computer font made out of the shapes of gerrymandered voting districts.

Hawaiians fight Mauna Kea telescope

They say "If not now, when will we stand to protect our sacred lands?"

Moon Shot Fever Over

The Moon landing seemed a big deal... But it wasn't the future we planned.

Sweet & fitting to die for country

Xenophobia, racism, patriotism & collapse are leading us towards WWIII.

Kauai Expanding Nuclear Role

We are site for weapons systems and missiles in the middle of the Pacific.

Nuclear Risks Soar

The US is expanding its nuclear weapons csystems, to the detriment of all.

Ghosts of the Fourth

An advantage to living in my fly-over America: We're far from the Interstate.

Facing Extinction

The awareness of death makes the magnificence of life more obvious.

Marvel Madness Abounds

In "Avengers: Endgame" we see the price of our  self destructive behavior.

Balanced on the Equinox

The darkness and the light - it is only through shadows that we discern.

The Cliff Edge

Many won't survive the breakdown, yet living the natural-way gives hope.

Facing Extinction

You have had many moments knowing that love was all that mattered.

The Scenarios of the Collapse

It's wise to make contingency plans. Something "biblical" is approaching. 

The Big Picture

Ther relative normalcy remaining is an occasion for opportunity and action.

Life after economic growth

We are remembering how to build a world in which there will be music.

The Failure of Farming

Excerpt from “The Failures of Farming and the Necessity of Wildtending”

Rewilding Your Lawn

In Anthropocene you need to do your part in supporting the  environment.

Uncomfortable Truth about Hawaii

The takeover of the Hawaii was an act of war never resolved with peace.

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Island Breath is an online publication dedicated to people interested in the well being of the island of Kauai.  For us sustainability is crucial.

Kauai is often called the "Garden Island". It is lush and fruitful - yet threatened. If this island cannot be self-sustaining there is little hope for the rest of this world.

We define sustainability as:

• Using nonrenewable resources no faster than they are recycled.

• Using renewable resources no faster than they are regrown.

• Restoring the variety and balance of living species.

• Enhancing the art and knowledge of human cultures.

Sustainability is not, however, a means for the continuing the status quo.

We have named our website “Island Breath” or “Breath of the Island” because in Hawaiian that phrase would be...

“Ea O Ka `Aina”

"The Spirit, Life and Sovereignty of the Land”

In fact, for many years the motto of Hawaii has been...

"Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka `Aina I Ka Pono"

"Sovereinty of the Land
is Perpetuated in Righteousness"

There will be focus on...

Peace •
Environment • Justice • Regionalism • Sustainability • Culture

In the relation to...

Industrialism • Militarism • Corporatism • Collapse • Peak Oil • Climate Change

We invite articles submitted by our readers.You can add an article (subject to editorial approval) by emailing what you want to say to one of our staff.

Email us by clicking on a staff member name at top of this column.