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Kauai Police say Nawiliwili open 9/26

image above: modified plan of Nawiliwili Harbor and Superferry security efforts. Click on it to enlarge.

by Juan Wilson on 19 September 2007

A friend called yesterday and told me of a conversation he had with Acting Chief of Police Roy Asher about Nawiliwili Park during times of imposition of the Security Zone in the harbor area. Asher said that the park would be open to the public for assembly and free speech on September 26th. He added that cars will not be allowed in the park, however.

I called the KPD and today cofirmed with Asher what he had told my friend.

One question this raises is where will be park if they want to attend events in the park. If there are many cars there will be a likely shortage of spots and people may need to walk some distance. The Kauai High School will be open and parking there may not be possible either. Think about carpools.

There are a couple of businesses within the Security Zone that will suffer when the ferry is in port. One is Island Liquidators. Nearby is the Kauai Food Bank. A report I heard said they plan to be open.

Wednesday the 26th might be a good day to bring contributions to the Kauai Food Bank.



POSTED: 14 SEPTMEBER 2007 - 11:30pm HST

Kauai Humiliates Lingle's Police State

image above: The Superferry returns to Kauai as part Unified Command directed by ex Navy Secretary
John Lehman. Click on it to enlage. Graphic by Juan Wilson.

by Juan Wilson on 14 September 2007

One thing has been clear since August 26th and 27th when heroic action by Kauai residents kept the Hawaiian Superferry from making unwelcome visits to Nawiliwili Harbor. Even with coordinated efforts of US Coast Guard, State and County police, the ferry was unable to provide scheduled service.

This was humiliating for HSF Chairman (and former Secretary of the Navy) John Lehman, Superferry flack Governor Linda Lingle, and Homeland Security Rear Admiral Sally Brice-O'Hara of the USCG. The effects of the action by Kauai residents on those two days halted all Superferry operations.

This Suerferry Corporation and it's political reps won't allow the people of Kauai to defy their illegal, dangerous and militaristic plan much longer. The well being of Kauai and its residents are beside the point. They are going to shove the ferry down our throats at any cost. We have become the enemy. We will be subject to 'Shock and Awe". Whatever force is required to suppress our efforts will be used.

The plan they have developed is being run by a group described as a Unified Command.

On Monday Keone Kealoha, of Malama Kauai, spoke to Admiral Brice-O'Hara. She described the Federal and State, County and corporate elements of this Unified Command to handle the "security" situation. The command includes:

The Homeland Security Department (represented by United States Coast Guard)
The Office of the Governor of Hawaii
The Hawaii Department of Transportation
The Department of Land & Natural Resources (with their own armed enforcement)
State Harbor Officials
Department of the Attorney General
The Public Utility Commission
The Hawaii Superferry Corporation
The Office of the Mayor of Kauai

Keone said,"These folks are responsible for coming up with the plan on how the
Superferry will return to Kauai. When we asked if we could have a community representative in the Unified Command we were told that the Mayor was our representative." So much for Baptiste's neutrality on the issue.

The strategy of the Unified command is to create a perimeter around the entire harbor area within which will be Security Zone operated as a Police State under Martial Law. The Security Zone will include places that used to be public spaces such as the half mile long Fishing Jetty, Nawiliwili County Park and various public roads.

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly and other constitutionally guaranteed rights will be waived within this "Green Zone". Anyone crossing into this area will be subject to Emergency Rules invented by the Coast Guard for this particular situation that will subject "violators" to stiff federal felony charges.

I would guess that there will be many that will want to challenge the authorities on the legality of the Unified Command's fascist rulings. There will be heroic people who will want to repeat the victories last month. Those efforts worked because the Superferry operators and its protectors were surprised by the strategy we developed, on the fly, as events unfolded. They don't want to be surprised again.

For those souls too timid to face the guns and jail cells of the Police State, I have five suggestions on strategies to counter the Unified Command.

Get involved with Nawiliwili Water Freedom Festival on Saturday the 22nd of September ( on the Autumn Equinox). This get together will demonstrate the peaceful and proper use of Nawiliwili harbor, jetty and park. Call Jonathan Jay at 808-634-3390 or email him at

Bring to bear pressure on Kauai Mayor Brian Baptiste to disengage from the Unified Command as being a threat to the people of Kauai. He claims to be neutral and seeking the "safety" of all. Does he mean "Safety before Freedom" as so much of today's talk from our government echoes. If he wanted to make Kauai safe and represent her people he would be emphasizing the unanimous vote of our County Council (and our State Legislators) that the Superferry undergo an Environmental Impact Study before docking in our harbor. In addition, we could ask the County Council to re-affirm their vote of 2005 in light of current events.

Suggest to all the members of the Unified Command and all our elected representatives (Federal, State, County) that the Superferry would be welcome to dock at Nawiliwili Harbor tomorrow and until the EIS is complete under the following conditions:

a) The Superferry carries no vehicles to or from Kauai
b) The Superferry travels no faster than the cruising speed of other visiting ships
c) The Superferry has no special Security Zone when in harbor.

Those are completely reasonable requests that fall far short in a temporary restraining order of an injunction stopping Superferry operations to Kauai.

Discover and document the Police State operations that occur on Kauai in order to convince those undecided about how bad the operation of the ferry has become. Do some research, clip papers, take photos, video tape preparations and actions of the Kauai Police Department and other authorities charged with carrying out the nasty details of suppressing freedom. Prepare talking points and press releases to give to all media present in the harbor, and there should be plenty including national news agencies.

Come out and demonstrate on the day the Superferry is to arrive (tentatively scheduled to arrive on Kauai at 11:00am on Wednesday, September 26th and the next day). I suggest that one focus of activity would be to setup small groups at intervals along the perimeter of the Security Zone. That would be along the sidewalk on Nawiliwili Road fronting Nawiliwili Park and extending to the old Hale Kauai that was converted to a visitor's center.

These groups could make it clear to those inside the Zone it that if they leave and enter the free and independent Island of Kauai that they must obey our laws and show respect to our people and aina. Moreover, we should indicate to those that are outside, and about to enter the Zone, that they will be losing their freedoms.

They should realize that due to directions from ex-Navy Secretary John Lehman, rogue agents of the Homeland Security Department have declared martial law in Nawiliwili Harbor. L:ehman has instructed his representative Governor Lingle, and her mayoral puppet Bryan Baptiste to ultilize local police teams as terroristic agents. The public should beware of heavily armed corporate security squads masquerading as the Coast Guard and local police. See article below for examples of signs I've been thinking of to carry.

Please pitch in your own ideas. We all need some fresh ones. This is going to be a big deal and we want to put the best face we can on it.

image above: Proposed new DeepWaterFleet of the Department of Homeland Security, operated by the United States Coast Guard, and led by the pride of the fleet, The USNS Alakai Superferry LCS. Click on it to enlage. Graphic by Juan Wilson.



POSTED: 9 SEPTMEBER 2007 - 12:00am HST

Homeland Security defense for Superferry

image above: plan of Nawiliwili Harbor and likely Superferry security efforts. Click on it to enlarge.

by Juan Wilson on 8 September 2007

Now that judge Randal Valenciano (once my friend's husbands divorce lawyer) has ruled in favor of the Superferry by denying a temporary restraining order, there will be a window between September 10th and the next court date in an injunction to stop service that may tempt the ferry to operate to Kauai. If they decide to come, we will have new security plans in place, partially facilitated by our county mayor.

There are announced and unannounced plans by Federal, State and County authorities to secure smooth Superferry service the next time it comes to Kauai. This may be as soon as this Monday when the new Homeland Security protection zone of 100 yards, goes into effect.

The Kauai County Police Department will be controlling intersections and traffic (see red circles on map). There is a likelihood that the KPD will be closing Nawiliwili Park and patrolling its perimeter (red line on map). The park is, of course, where past Superferry demonstrations have begun. The Nawiliwili Jetty has new gates and fences and will be cleared of the public prior to Superferry arrivals.

State police and special forces will be securing the fenced in pier areas (orange line on map). They will be working closely with federal officials including FBI.

image above: USCG tug deploying a oil containment boom

Federal Homeland Security authorities, primarily US Coast Guard, will be securing the harbor with surveillance planes, cutters, armed zodiac boats, jetski's and whatever else is at their disposal. They plan to use oil containment booms to mark security boundaries. The most likely place for a boom is between Kukuii Point and the foot of the jetty, at Nawiliwili Park.

image above: USCG Atlantic Strike Force team member with boom after hurricane Rita

It is my opinion that the booms will be demarcation lines to define a line of trespass, like a Police Line of yellow tape (see yellow lines on map). Something not so much a physical barrier as a legal one. Most containment booms have a floatation element on top that is on a rope or line. Below the line is a skirt. There are booms with significantly greater size than those pictured here. Some have skirts that would be difficult for some to swim under. The bulk and difficulty of deployment make it unlikely to be used in Nawiliwili Harbor.

On Sunday, the 26th of August, the swim for the surfers to meet the Superferry was about 500 feet, as they met the ferry inside the breakwater. They were not able to stop the ferry there. On the 27th swimmers and paddlers met the ferry at the mouth of the harbor and had to swim about 1000 feet from the jetty.

The jetty and park will be closed. If swimmers are going to enter the water a Kalapaki Beach to reach the mouth of the harbor they will be swimming a great distance than in previous demonstrations; about 1100 feet to the oil boom and another 1100 feet from the boom to the mouth of the harbor (see white lines from Kalapaki Beach).

As we have seen in previous encounters, zodiacs and a cutter will be in the water. In addition, there have been un-confirmed reports of jetski's shipped to Kauai for use by the Coast Guard. Both may be in use in the harbor (see red rectangles on map). Another unconfirmed report was that the Coast Guard has holding pens for arrestees. It could be quite a show of brute force.

Demonstrators who are thinking about crossing USCG security lines should realize they may be arrested and may face federal charges. Working in numbers will help to minimize the chance for arrest and will bring the spotlight of media attention as some protection from "mishandling".

The publicity for the Superferry, and for tourism in Hawaii, will be so terrible if there is another confrontation that it would seem that business interests in the state would be putting great pressure on the Govling to avoid such a confrontation. Even if it means loss and embarrassment for the Superferry Corporation.

Corporations, like the parent of the Marriott Hotel, must be buzzing in Lingle's ear that it's not good for business to have a war zone out the guest's window.

Some of this, of course, is just opinion and guesswork. If you have ideas or better information, please get in touch with me. If you want we can post it here.

See you all whenever the ferry returns.





POSTED: 4 SEPTMEBER 2007 - 3:00pm HST

Rogue elements of Homeland Security

by Juan Wilson on 4 September 2007

Below are two signs we might set up outside the border of martial law setup by John Lehman's stooges (including the Govling). The first would face mauka to warn fellow islanders of nearby danger.


Kauai Residents

Militarized Zone Ahead!

Under instructions from
ex-Navy Secretary John Lehman
rogue agents of the Homeland Security Department
have declared martial law in Nawiliwili Harbor.

Beware of heavily armed insurgents
masquerading as the Coast Guard and KPD SWAT


The second sign would face makai, for the benefit of ferry passengers as they disembark and enter the island interior just past the military zone.



Welcome to the independent island of Kauai


Please obey our laws

Fill out visiting vehicles registration form.
Refugee status reviewed here.
Applications for citizenship are available.





POSTED: 4 SEPTMEBER 2007 - 2:30pm HST

Mahalo Mayor Baptiste for understanding

How accurate and complete is the statement below by Kaua`i Mayor Bryan Baptiste?

"The Coast Guard is tasked with facilitating maritime commerce and now has a plan to do that should the Superferry return," Baptiste said;

Let’s see! (from )

“The Coast Guard provides unique benefits to the nation because of its distinctive blend of military, humanitarian, and civilian law-enforcement capabilities. To serve the public, the Coast Guard has five fundamental roles:

“1) Maritime Safety: Eliminate deaths, injuries, and property damage associated with maritime transportation, fishing, and recreational boating. The Coast Guard's motto is Semper Paratus—(Always Ready), and the service is always ready to respond to calls for help at sea.”

Comment: The USCG should protect people in the water from the dangers imposed by enormous twin-hulled craft like the HSF CORPORATION’s ‘ALAKAI’ trying to push past them.

“2) Maritime Security: Protect America's maritime borders from all intrusions by: (a) halting the flow of illegal drugs, aliens, and contraband into the United States through maritime routes; (b) preventing illegal fishing; and (c) suppressing violations of federal law in the maritime arena.”

Comment: The USCG should protect Kaua`i’s shores from the intrusion of the HSF CORPORATION’s vessel ‘ALAKAI’ by a) halting it’s contraband activity of sailing with EIS which is c) a violation of federal law in the maritime arena.

“3) Maritime Mobility: Facilitate maritime commerce and eliminate interruptions and impediments to the efficient and economical movement of goods and people, while maximizing recreational access to and enjoyment of the water.”

Comment: The USCG should not assist the flow of goods on vessels such as the HSF CORPORATION’s ‘ALAKAI’ that sail in violation of Federal, State, Local, and Customary Law. The USCG should focus on maximizing recreational access to and enjoyment of the water by Kaua`ians via our boogie-boards, surf boards, canoes.

“4) National Defense: Defend the nation as one of the five U.S. armed services. Enhance regional stability in support of the National Security Strategy, utilizing the Coast Guard’s unique and relevant maritime capabilities.”

Comment: There is NO EMERGENCY HERE. Therefore this is not applicable.

5) Protection of Natural Resources: Eliminate environmental damage and the degradation of natural resources associated with maritime transportation, fishing, and recreational boating.”

Comment: The USCG has an obvious interest in preventing environmental damage, and the degradation of Kaua`i’s natural resources associated with the unlawful operation of HSF CORPORATION’s vessel ‘ALAKAI’.
By incorrectly citing and applying only one of the five primary missions of the USCG, Mayor Baptiste, could get a big fat ‘0’ …

BUT: in the spirit of Aloha and generosity, Mr. Baptiste shall receive 1/2 credit (10 points) for that answer – at least he was trying.

ALSO: since 1/2 the battle is simply showing up, Da Mayor will receive an additional 50 points, for a total of 60/100 or a D-.

Way to squeak by Bry!
We look forward to your future strong leadership in the peaceful resolution of this trying matter for the good people of Kaua`i. How long will you keep us waiting?



POSTED: 4 SEPTMEBER 2007 - 2:00pm HST

Kauai protesters make a difference

by Georgine & Joe Crocona on 4 September 2007

"In my (unsolicited) opinion, the future of your movement depends not upon the next court ruling or law change, but on organizers making sure that if there is another attempt to land the Superferry, that that attempt results in more graphic images of radical protest (and a paramilitary response to squelch) being televised nationally (and on YouTube of course). I believe that as long as you have protesters willing to be arrested for the cause, you will succeed." Alex Bivens
Above is a quote from an e-mail received by John Tyler from one Alex Bivens

There seems to be a huge disconnect between branches of the Hawaiian state government, yet alone the said government's complete disregard for the will of the people and the right thing to do. If in fact the Hawaiian state government, with the co-operation of federal, local authorities and their hired thugs, choose to back a private enterprise funded with federal dollars, and disregard the highest court in Hawaii, then it is up to the people to raise their voices in protest.

What do you think? (see you at the jetty)




POSTED: 4 SEPTMEBER 2007 - 1:00pm HST

Hawaii Superferry security widened

image above: a collage of various Coast Guard assets.Click on to enlarge.

by Joan Conrow on 4 September 2007 in The Honolulu Adveriser

The Coast Guard said yesterday that the security zone around Nawiliwili Harbor will be expanded by hundreds of yards to ensure safety with the operation of the Hawaii Superferry.

Federal, state and local officials met with community leaders yesterday to discuss safety measures needed in the event of the resumption of service by the Superferry.

After the meeting, Coast Guard Rear Adm. Sally Brice-O'Hara said a new security zone will be enforced around the entrance to the harbor, where protesters stopped the Superferry from docking last week.

The new zone is to extend for hundreds of yards around the entrance to Nawiliwili Harbor, Brice-O'Hara said. It will allow safe passage for the vessel Alakai and protect the public, she said.

Rich Hoeppner, of People for the Preservation of Kaua'i, said Coast Guard officials told the group they would be bringing in additional personnel and equipment to keep the harbor open.

Hoeppner said canoe clubs, which practice in the area, and the Nawiliwili Yacht Club, which conducts sailboat races there, objected to the exclusionary zone, "but there was no room for negotiation."

"It's basically going to become a military zone," he said.

During the presentation, Mike Formby, deputy director of the state Department of Transportation Harbors Division, said an environmental assessment will be conducted that encompasses all Hawai'i harbors where the Superferry is planning to provide service, including Nawiliwili.

Formby said it will be up to Circuit Judge Joseph E. Cardoza of Maui to determine whether the Superferry can operate while the assessment is performed.

Service to Kaua'i and Maui remains on hold, with tomorrow the soonest it could resume, a company spokeswoman said.

"Like our Web site says," said Superferry's Lori Abe, "not until Sept. 5 at the earliest for Kaua'i and Sept. 11 for Maui."

Attorneys for People for the Preservation of Kaua'i plan to seek a temporary restraining order in Kaua'i Circuit Court today to halt the ferry. Last week, a Maui judge issued a restraining order against the ferry and set hearings beginning Thursday.

The meeting was organized by Mayor Bryan Baptiste and County Council Chairman Bill "Kaipo" Asing.

"The Coast Guard is tasked with facilitating maritime commerce and now has a plan to do that should the Superferry return," Baptiste said;

"It'll take everyone's cooperation to ensure that peaceful protests can occur without jeopardizing the safety of others."

Asing agreed with Baptiste and at the same time expressed support for citizens to protest in a legal manner.

"It is so important that the citizens' right to express their opinions on this issue be preserved, while at the same time assuring this is done in a way that provides for the safety of everyone involved," Asing said.

Representatives of Hui-R, Kaiola Canoe Club, Kaua'i Chapter of the Sierra Club, Kaua'i Marriott Resort and Beach Club, Nawiliwili Yacht Club, Niumalu Canoe Club, People for the Preservation of Kaua'i and 1000 Friends of Kaua'i were among those invited to the meeting to hear presentations made by representatives of the Coast Guard and state DOT Harbors Division.



POSTED: 4 SEPTMEBER 2007 - 11:00am HST

Martial Law declared by Coast Guard

by Keone Kealoha on 4 September 2007

Contacted the USCG’s Section 14 (Pacific area) Legal Section for two documents:

1. The Policy that outlines the “Emergency Rule” including the parameters surrounding that.

2. The specific “Emergency Rule” issued by Adm. Brice-O’hare re: Nawiliwili Harbor that created the new "security zone"

I was told the request was in and would be answered today. We’ll see. Please feel free to request the same.

Adm. Brice-O'hare has issued an "Emergency Rule" that supercedes any other laws re: the use of Nawiliwili Harbor. There are questions surrounding the USCG's ability to issue such a rule simply for a commercial ferry, rather then for national security and/or military related activities. This rule was stated by USCG Capt. Atkins in the Mayor's Monday meeting to be used "indefinitely" or until the protests cease and "calm" is restored.

Any information you can find on the legal use of “Emergency Rule” by the USCG is appreciated. (see thread below for more details) Legal Affairs Staff (dl)

District Legal Officer (JAG) 808.541.2528
Asst Legal Officer 808.541.2105
Assistant 808.541.2106
Paralegal Specialist - MTSA Legal Staff 808.541.2108
Legal Assistance Attorney 808.541.2108

The Coast Guard’s position sounds a lot like martial law. The "Emergency Rule"
imposed by USCG Admiral Brice-O’hare, with no input from any judicial branch
representative and in the matters of a commercial ferry, not related to
national security or any other military engagement, is what has happened.

Again seems like a over use of force and abuse of powers. The "Emergency Rule"
is in excess of what was allowed by what will come on line on Sept. 10 under
the existing homeland security harbor laws. In essence, the Coast Guard has
created their own laws, without due process, by using the "Emergency Rule"

Can they just make up their own laws for commercial activities? We need to
find out more about emergency rule and if it can be invoked for a commercial ferry activities indefinitely.

Here are some headline and bullet points I came across:

"Coast Guard Unilaterally Imposes Martial Law"
"Coast Guard Admiral Puts Super Ferry Profits Over Kauaians' Safety"

• The USCG Admiral decided to create her own laws and imposed them without any judicial review.

• The USCG has engaged the FBI to assist them in their escalation of force. The cooling off period was used to figure out how circumvent the concerns of Kauai’s citizens, not to find rational solutions to the problem or to set up a process for public feedback about their concerns.

• Despite repeated calls from State, County and the residents of Kauai for an independent EIS, the Coast Guard has decided to step up military activities against the residents of Kauai.

• The USCG has the ability to disallow the ferry to enter the harbor if it deems passage unsafe for any reason.

Keone Kealoha
Director Malama Kaua’i
phone: 808.828.0685
cell: 808.634.8174
fax: 808.828.0485

by Katy Rose on 4 September 2007

"It'll take everyone's cooperation to ensure that peaceful protests can occur without jeopardizing the safety of others." - Mayor Brian Baptiste, TGI 9/4/07

We can translate this to mean: if we cooperate with the new "expanded security
zone," we will not jeopardize the passage of the Superferry into Nawiliwili harbor.

The state has come up with wording which makes it sound like their concern is for the people of Kaua'i (I'm not sure who Baptiste is referring to when he says "the safety of others."). It is now framed as if protest that defies the security zone is somehow not "peaceful." We need to make the case that civil disobedience is peaceful. We need to make it clear that our liberties have been infringed upon, that cutting off access to the water and the jetty is an assault on the people of Kaua'i. We need to make it clear that sometimes the people need to break a law in order to protect a greater good.

We have now been presented with the "protest zone." We can comply, and thereby allow the boat to come in, or we can once again do what worked, which was to disobey and blockade. Let's evaluate: can we muster the numbers, the solidarity and the courage to perform an EFFECTIVE action when the Superferry returns? I think we can!

by Juan Wilson on 4 September 2007

The decision to close the entire harbor and the Nawiliwili jetty whenever the Superferry is on Kauai sounds alot like martial law to me. Reportedly, a floating barrier guarded by USCG JetSki's will be involved.

Jonathan Jay and others anticipated quite accurately what the Coast Guard would do to block Kalapaki Beach from the harbor. It is what the Coast Guard could have tried last Monday when we turned back the Superferry. They didn't and we have been one step ahead of them for a week. In chess, one step ahead is all it takes to win. We have to anticipate and make a gain on the over response of the Federal, State and County authorities.

They have been greatly embarassed. Their usual means of displaying force and achieving obedience were ineffective in the face of a spontaenious responses to obvious injustice. The reactionary knee-jerk from them is to pile on overwhelming force. As the old saying goes:

"If brute force doesn't work it's because you are not using enough of it!"

The problem for the Coast Guard and Kauai Police Department is that to enforce the "blockade" across Kalapaki Bay and close out the entire harbor to fishing boats, canoe clubs, et cetera, is ham handed. It demonstrates the authoritarian bent of the Homeland Security Department and the kind of fascist state we have become. It is not a pretty face and Linda Lingle (the Govling) would like to have a pretty face.

We will probably not be able to get through a serious effort to blockade the harbor, but the effort should provide some winning media attention. We need to suck it up, get ready for some peaceful civil disobedience and challenge the bastards one more time.

by Jonathan Jay on 4 September 2007

We welcome the up-till-now-silent Mayor Baptist's statements in support of safe and peaceful protest. The good people of Kaua`i were concerned he was going to miss the boat entirely.

We trust that this recent display of civilian leadership by the Mayor will ensure the constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties of the good people of Kaua`i will not be constrained or corralled.

We look forward to further leadership from Mayor Baptiste in support of the good people of Kaua'i as we continue to take lawful actions consistent with rulings from the Supreme Court, and resolutions from the Kaua'i County Council requiring an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) be completed BEFORE beginning ferry service to Kaua`i.

Mahalo Mayor Baptiste

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