POSTED: 22 APRIL 2007 - 9:00am HST

Millicent's Aloha to Kauai

2002 photo of Hanapepe by Millicent Cummings (filtered through Photoshop by Juan WIlson)

by Millicent Cummings 19 April 2007

today I leave my much loved home
a new life for to start
my load is light for room to grow
but heavy is my heart
for it's been here with you my friends
that i have recognized
that here will be where my life ends
though spirit never dies
and many seeds i've sown within
this sacred, ancient soil
and in your hearts i hope to win
the fruit of all this toil
the recognition of true love
beyond all time and space
it is below as is above
and behind every face
there is a heart that beats the same
a rythm all can feel
and music for me has e're been
the truest vehicle
to show us just how beautiful
we are...this family
ironically like tides it pulls
me from dear Kaua'i
in order that these songs of love
be seen as more than words
it seems that you have heard enough
though most ne're really heard
i leave you with the 'Island Rose'
whose petals e're unfold
a humble gift, but Goddess knows
from what depth it was told
so many songs have waited long
to be recorded here
they push me on and on and on
until they reach your ear
but in the meantime i so pray
you feel my gratitude
inspired many a song I've played
you have, in every mood
and when i'm finally home again
i'll have new gifts to give
Aloha until then my friends
in Love i pray we live

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Aloha Seesta Millcent,
Kauai will miss you.
Juan Wilson