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POSTED: 25 OCTOBER 2007 - 8:30am HST

The Burning of California

image above: photograph from 10/23/07 of Southern California suburb near a wildfire.

by Juan Wilson on 25 October 2007

Early yesterday afternoon my daughter Laura called me. She is the road manager for Al di Meola's jazz band. They were in California having a hard time with their schedule due to the fires.

When she called, Laura was sitting on Ocean Beach, in San Diego, looking into the orange late afternoon sunlight. The sky behind her was aglow with fires that were drifting dark smoke hundreds of miles out over the ocean.

She called to hear a voice from a place that was cool and blue and safe. I didn't mention the Superferry debacle or the No-GMO fights going on here. I told her that I loved her and to get the hell out of California.

Laura was impressed by how, in some parts of San Diego, life seemed to go as if nothing was special was happening, even as an apocolyptic glow filled the sky.

Her description of the scene reminded me of a game we had played a  little bit together years before: "Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas". A game of anarchic violence that is set in south west California.

image above: screenshot from "GTA: San Andreas" videogame takent near Watts Towers, LA.

Who is imitating who? Art & Life? Life & Death?

The Gregg Beck Show (CNN Headline News) and Bill O'Reilly No Spin Zone (Fox News) have blamed the California wildfires not on climate change, but on those"damn environmentalists"!

What a world.

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