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Hawaii Superferry News of September 10th

image above: Isaac Hall addresses judge Cardoza in Maui Circuit Court. Click to play.

Superferry a threat to whales, court witness says


by Advertiser Staff on 10 September in The Honolulu Advertiser

WAILUKU, Maui — Marine biologist Hannah Bernard was the sole witness to testify today in the first day of a Maui Circuit Court hearing to decide whether the Hawaii Superferry can operate while the state conducts an environmental assessment of ferry-related projects at four state harbors.

Bernard said the Superferry's 350-foot catamaran and other large, fast-moving vessels are a particular threat to humpback whales and other species.

She is one of approximately 30 people on a list of potential witnesses in the hearing on a motion for a permanent injunction filed by Maui Tomorrow, the Sierra Club and the Kahului Harbor Coalition.

The hearing will resume at 10:00am tomorrow before Judge Joseph Cardoza. In the meantime, a temporary restraining order remains in place preventing the interisland ferry from using Kahului Harbor.

Ferry opponents cite environmental concerns
by Advertiser Staff on 10 September in The Honolulu Advertiser

Several activists from Kaua'i held a news conference this morning outside the state Capitol to explain their concerns about the Hawaii Superferry.

Some asked Gov. Linda Lingle to tell Superferry to suspend ferry service until the state completes an environmental assessment ordered by the state Supreme Court.

Others warned about the ferry's potential impact on Kaua'i's culture and its fish and wildlife.

"The Superferry will bring hundreds of people and we are not ready to accept all of them," said Kalehua Ham Young, a kupuna and cultural practitioner.

Environmentalists lost in Kaua'i court on Friday when a judge denied their request for a temporary restraining order to keep the ferry from Nawiliwili Harbor. A hearing on an injunction against the Superferry is scheduled for Sept. 17th.

Mehana Blaich Vaughan, a teacher and student, said the Superferry service is akin to building a highway between the islands.

"People always ask us what makes the Hawaii Superferry different," she said. "To us, it's the first time in Hawaii's history that people and their cars have been able to move together simultaneously."

Kauai Protesters Say They May Block Ferry Again
by Hawaii Channel staff on 10 September 2007 in The Hawaii Channel

The group wants Superferry to conduct Environmental Survey. Some of the protestors who stopped the Hawaii Superferry at Nawiliwili Harbor on Kauai on Monday went to Oahu to explain why they did it and why they may do it again.
The leader of one group said he sent a message to Superferry officials, warning them the last confrontation will "look like a picnic" if the ferry tries to go to Kauai without an environmental assessment.

The first protest was a showdown that lasted for hours. As the Superferry tried to dock at Nawiliwili Harbor, protestors in canoes, on surfboards and body boards dodged the Coast Guard.

Authorities arrested several people, but the protest stopped the Superferry.
The Kauai residents who oppose the Superferry on Monday gathered at the state Capitol.

"The Superferry makes it possible for all kinds of cars, buses, coolers straight from the ferry to the aina," Kalehua Ham Young said.

The protesters said they felt it was necessary to resort to civil disobedience and block the harbor.

"Well, we had tried a number of ways previously quote, unquote the legal way, and that was all turned aside turned a deaf ear to us. So what was there left to do? To bring this to a head to bring it to the attention of general public," Dennis Chun said.

The protesters said that until there is an environmental impact statement, they will do it again.

"There is no reason to not have an (environmental impact statement). It's state law, and it should be done before they begin operations," People for Protection of Kauai leader Rich Hoeppner said.

A number of protesters said they would accept the Superferry if it gets the EIS.
Superferry officials were in court on Maui. They were not available for comment.



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by Keone Kealoha on 10 September 2007

Please let the appropriate people know that US CG Admiral Brice-O'hara was served the 10 point rebuttal to the emergency rule document in person today at the Capitol Building, the one prepared by the Big Island lawyer.

to review or joinpetition see:
Island Breath: Petition to Repeal Security Zone 9/10/07

Superferry: No trips thru Wednesday, 12th

by Diana LaBedz on 10 September 2007 - 10:30am

The Hawaii Superferry cancelled its scheduled trip today and is suspending service through Wednesday the 12th.

"Voyage Status
We are suspending service to and from Kaua‘i through September 12.

Current Situation
Talks among law enforcement agencies and the Coast Guard about providing Hawaii Superferry secure access to Nawiliwili Harbor continue. We have not yet been given assurances from the Coast Guard for safe passage into Nawiliwili Harbor."

See it here:

We will need people in Nawiliwili today

by Surfrider Foundationon 10 September 2007

Aloha everyone,

Sheri and a group of Kauai residents are on their way to Maui right now to protest against the SuperFerry at the court hearing.

If all goes well, the ferry will be stopped. BUT, SuperFerry has been selling tickets since yesterday for today's trip to Kauai.

If the courts don't stop it, the ferry will be coming to Nawiliwili today and we'll need people down there to show our opposition.

Remember, keep it peaceful!


On internet:
Superferry injunction hearing video live today
by Dick Mayer on 10 September 2007

Aloha, beginning Monday morning you can watch the Hawaii Superferry injunction hearing before Judge Cardoza "live" on streaming video on the internet starting shortly after 9am.

or follow the directions at

Perhaps, it will be also cablecast "live" on Akaku Maui Channel 53.

Best wishes, Dick

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