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Letter to Governor Lingle
by Scott Mijares on 17 September 2007

Below is a letter I have just e-mailed to Governor Lingle and Lt. Governor
Duke Aiona. When Governor Lingle comes to Kauai I would like to read it to
her and then present her with a copy that I have etched on a 15" x 10' of
wood. If anyone has any idea how I could go about doing that please let me
know. In the meantime, if you are moved by my sincere thoughts please let me
know. Feel free to pass the message along.

With Love,
Scott Mijares



Dear Governor Lingle,

My name is Scott Mijares and I am a resident of Kauai. I am a father, a business owner, a soccer coach, a homeowner and, by all accounts, a conservative Republican. I voted for George Bush for President and for you as Governor of our state.

In my 47 years, I have never been a party to a demonstration or rally, never placed a bumper sticker on my car; never carried a sign for any cause.

On the afternoon of August 26, 2007 that all changed. Yes, I was there at Nawiliwili Harbor that late afternoon and I plan to be there again on September 26th. I am not a dissident or a terrorist and do not wish to be characterized as such. I am only one of a growing number of good citizens who are desperate to have our voices heard by leaders like you. We are totally resolute in our belief that the Superferry should not be allowed to operate in Hawaiian waters until an EA is completed as prescribed by law.

I believe you are making a mistake by creating /enforcing a security zone for the Superferry when it comes to Kauai. You are setting the stage for an inevitable confrontation between citizens and law enforcement to facilitate the safe passage of the Superferry as it enters Nawiliwili Harbor.

In the best-case scenario, Kauai will be seen by the world as a war zone with mothers, aunties, kapunas, and children being herded around by faceless officers in riot gear. The worst-case scenario will be that one or more citizens is badly hurt or even killed in the harbor waters. That would be devastating to our community and would certainly lead to extreme levels of civil unrest. Someone will have to be held responsible. If not you, then

I want you to know that I respect you and the authority that your office holds but I am concerned that you are underestimating the resolve of the people of Kauai. This is not a small group of dissidents. This a diverse group citizens that includes Kanakas, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians and others who's level of sacrifice has yet to be tested.

As a Republican and a supporter of our President, I find myself constantly engaged in interesting debates with my fellow citizens. Inevitably the question is asked, " Would you send your son to fight in the Iraq War?" My response has always been this.

" My son is an adult and hopefully I have prepared him make his own
decisions. If he decided to enlist in the military I would be very proud of him and I would support him 100%.

The other day I was talking with my oldest son Ryan. He is a senior at San Diego State University and will be going off to med school next year. He has been following the drama here in Hawaii via his computer and is truly saddened by what is happening. I told him that things are going to get pretty heavy here on September 26th and that I was contemplating entering the harbor. I told him that if I were arrested that he and his brother might have to leave college to care for their mother and sister. I was overwhelmed with emotion when he paused and said to me, "Dad I love you and I respect you. I know you will do the right thing. If you decide to go through with this I will be proud of you and I will support you 100%". (kids - they are amazing) Governor Lingle. If this issue can get a conservative Republican contemplating such a huge sacrifice, what do you think is going through the minds of the average Kauaiian?

Please come to Kauai and talk to the people. Our concerns are real. The law seems very clear to us. If there is an emergency threat to our island and you have to suspend the law so that Superferry can protect us, explain that threat to us. On the other hand, if you are using your authority to give law enforcement officers orders to arrest good citizens; citizens who feel like they are being denied their right to gather in their parks and assemble so a commercial enterprise can make some money while the courts decide their fate, then shame on you.

I look forward to meeting you again and hope that my perspective helps guide you in the future.

Scott Mijares
PO Box 1222
Kilauaea, HI 96754




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Thank you Mayor Baptitse for your neutrality
by Jimmy Trujillo on 17 September 2007

The following is a letter I have sent to Kauai Mayor Bryan Baptisite.


Mahalo for meeting with HUI R

Aloha Mayor Baptiste,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your decision to meet with the residents of Kaua’i who gathered last Wednesday in the courtyard of your office. We gathered to ask you for clarity on your position regarding the HSFerry. We also asked for you to support the Hawaii State Supreme Court's recent decision to require the state to perform an environmental review for the harbor improvements and the HSFerry project.

Many of those present were skeptical that you would not come down from your office to 'meet with a mob'. Others thought that it would be reasonable to meet with you and to request that you advocate to the governor and HSFerry officials what the County of Kaua’i's official position is on the EIS. As you are aware, in 2005, our county council unanimously passed Resolution 2005-15 to require an EIS to be completed before HSFerry operations begin. Conducting an EIS, according to the resolution, seems to be in the best interest of all stakeholders. We all want to know what might be the negatives of this operations before they commence services.

Yet for some reason, your supervisor, Governor Lingle, and her staff at the DOT remain obstinate in their decisions to exempt the HSFerry from state law. Irregardless of their decision, you stated to the gathering that you were neutral on the issue and that you would be more effective if you did not chose sides and could play a role of mediator. You stated that as a mediator you would remain neutral and could help resolve the issue by bringing together the two sides of this conflict. This is admirable considering that the stakes are high and the pressures from all of those involved will only mount until the conflict subsides.

Your position of neutrality did not sit well with many in the audience that day. As well, many of your supporters have also been confused by your lack of visible initiative and leadership on this crucial issue. In fact, up until now, your position was not well known by any of Kaua’i residents. Thank you for clarifying your position on the most significant issue that we now face here on Kaua’i. Up until now, your silence on the issue has been deafening. Now that you have stated and shared your position of neutrality, I hope you can resist the temptation from the corporate executives at HSFerry and the Office of the Governor to join them in taking sides and allowing the HSFerry to operate prematurely (and potentially illegally, depending on the ruling by Fifth Circuit Court Judge Randall Valenciano) before the court cases on Kauai are resolved.

Governor Lingle's adamant position that the HSFerry carry on regardless of the court's decisions should not go unchallenged. Regarding the safety of demonstrators on land and in the water, your position of neutrality on the issue commits you to encourage a path of prudent and cautious decision making. In addition, your position of neutrality commits you as well to discourage decision makers who are willing to throw caution to the wind and resume a business as usual approach for the HSFerry corporation.

Your stance on protecting the island from the unknown potential harm from visitors, vehicle and unintended cargo can not come from a place of neutrality but only from the place of leadership and commitment to the community you serve and the residents who live there. For assurance and guidance you may call upon ke akua or you could look to the state motto, Ua mau ka ea o ka aina i ka pono. Either one will provide the answer to conflict at hand.

As we prepare for this week’s meeting with the Governor and potentially another showdown in the harbor, it is hoped by many that your neutral stance will allow for you to have success with resolving the HSFerry issues in a fair and balanced way. In a way that does not compromise your oath of office, the rights and safety of your residents nor the integrity of your words and actions. In a way that is pono and righteous. Mahalo again for meeting with us and clarifying your position regarding the HSFerry. God bless and good luck.

James G Trujillo



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TIn case of martial Law break glass!

by Dale Allen Pfeiffer on 17 September 2007 in Speaking Truth to Power

Bush now has the ability to declare martial law at his own discretion, and in so doing dissolve the other branches of government, throw out the constitution, and suspend elections. He appropriated the right to do this largely by executive order. He can declare martial law whenever he deems there is sufficient cause; cause being an act of terrorism, an economic crisis, an act of war, civil unrest, or a natural catastrophe. For more information about the executive orders and legislation granting Bush these rights, please watch the short video at (What We Choose to Ignore), or visit the US Martial Law Timeline.

Hard as it might be to believe, there is a very real possibility that Bush will exercise these rights before his term ends. All he needs is an excuse. At present, the economy is on the verge of collapse, the Iraqi Occupation is going badly no matter what Bush and his chosen generals say, energy supplies are unable to keep pace with demand, disapproval of the Bush administration is growing, and Bush wants to attack Iran and so complete his Middle East conquest. He has all the reason in the world to declare martial law. All he lacks is a sufficient excuse.

Many people who follow the news are worried that Bush will declare martial law sometime in the months ahead. If natural crises prove insufficient, they are afraid that he will stage another 9/11. The current economic climate is very similar to the climate at the time of 9/11, though the present brewing economic hurricane will be much worse than the bust. The economic crises we currently face could very well result in bank closings, the crash of the US dollar, and the impoverishment of a large segment of the US population. What is more, with peak oil and the dawn of a new era of energy depletion it is unlikely that we will be able resuscitate our economy once the collapse is complete.

In the past couple weeks, we have heard about nuclear weapons being "mistakenly" shipped across the country onboard B-52 bombers. These weapons, which have a very limited capacity, were accidentally shipped to one of the bases that coincidentally functions as a staging grounds for the Middle East. While it is possible that these weapons were intended to be used for tactical strikes against Iran, I think it more likely that they were going to be used on US troops in Iraq, or perhaps even citizens within the US. A nuclear terrorism attack would clear the way for an immediate attack on Iran and provide a sufficient excuse to declare martial law within the US. (See Was a Covert Attempt to Bomb Iran with Nuclear Weapons foiled by a Military Leak? by Michael E. Salla, M.A., Ph.D.)

This sounds far-fetched and paranoid, doesn't it? Well, word is circulating around Wall Street that billions in put options were made at the end of August. Put options are short term bets that a corporation will do poorly. From the number and size of these puts, some big players are betting that the stock market is going to take a major fall before the end of September. The last time there was a move in put options this large was just prior to 9/11.

(See Dispelling the 'Bin Laden' Options Trades, 'Bin Laden' Options Trades Have Wall Street Whispering, and $4.5b bet on another 9/11 within 4 weeks.)
Whether or not there are plans to stage another terrorist event, the fact remains that Bush has cleared a path towards establishing a dictatorship within the US. Given Bush and Cheney's psychological profiles, it is unlikely that this pathway was cleared for altruistic purposes, and it seems equally unlikely that they will not now take advantage of it. Nor did Bush clear this pathway for some future president. Bush and Cheney are both far too selfish and egotistical for that. So it is likely that Bush will walk this path sometime before the next election.

Now the question arises, what will we do if Bush declares martial law and usurps our government?

What to Do
Should Bush declare martial law, life in this country will quickly become untenable for a great many of us. Halliburton subsidiaries are currently building internment camps to house detainees. The first sweep will pick up radicals and known dissenters, along with Blacks and Hispanics. Successive sweeps will capture more disruptive minorities, along with any newly vocal critics.

Knowing this, my first impulse was to head for the woods and disappear in the event of martial law. Yet this would not solve the problem. And I would have to hide forever, while my family and friends suffered the consequences. Hiding is not an option; the only recourse is to fight back.

The establishment of martial law and dictatorship depends on a majority of the public going on with their daily lives as usual. They cannot arrest everyone; they cannot even arrest a sizable portion of the population should they all decide to resist in solidarity. Therefore, the key to defending our country against martial law and dictatorship lies in massive resistance and solidarity.

If martial law is declared we must, each of us, tell everyone we know that the US government has been overthrown. Everyone must know that it is time for each of us to stand up and resist. Do not go to work, do not go to school. That is what they want us to do. Far from complying, it is our duty to rise up for freedom and justice. Our forefathers and foremothers would be ashamed of us if we did anything less.

Simply refusing to serve is not enough. Nor is a march through downtown an adequate response. Short-term protests will be dismissed as soon as they end. Nor is any resistor safe so long as he or she remains at home. We must rally, for safety and power. And we must stay together until the dictatorship is toppled and martial law is ended.

There are a few possible targets for rallying. Progressive communities such as college towns would be relatively safe places to rally, and might attract large numbers of people supported by the local community. Yet for greatest effect, rallies should target seats of government and finance. The most effective targets would be state capitals, Wall Street, and Washington DC. For those desiring an even more confrontational approach, you could rally at military bases and National Guard armories. Bear in mind that these military targets have the greatest potential for bloodshed.

It would be best to plan rallying locations ahead of time. There is no telling how disrupted communications might be after martial law is declared. If the internet is still functioning, that would be great. But do not plan on it.

Print up flyers explaining what is taking place and what needs to be done about it. Tell people that it is their duty to resist. Let them know where they can rally to protest. If need be, drive down the street with banners and/or megaphones.

Above all, make it clear that these rallies will not end until the coup leaders have been arrested and martial law has ended. Ceasing our efforts before our goals are achieved is simply not an option. What is more, we will all be safer if we stay together. They cannot pick us off separately; they will have to deal with us en masse.

Breaking Hard
We should be prepared for the worst. It is likely that they will try to break our rallies with force. Stand fast and be prepared. It would be wise to learn how to improvise body armor, procure helmets with safety visors, and gas masks. First aid stations should be established at all rallies.

Above all, resist any impulse towards violence. Violence will achieve nothing, but will provide them with an excuse to crack down. The violent overthrow of government by the masses simply isn't possible in this day and age, nor is it desirable. Our strength lies in our solidarity and our ability to bring the machine to a screeching halt. When we resort to violence, we have compromised our strength and made ourselves weak.

Appeal to the police and the National Guard that you are the citizens they were hired to serve and protect. Help them to understand what has happened. It may be that many of them will side with you.

If the military does attack, stand firm, but be prepared to give up ground and reform elsewhere. Do not simply scatter and give up. In the face of a military advance, pass along word of a secondary rallying point. And send an advance team to secure that area and prepare.

Remember, martial law and the establishment of dictatorship will only succeed if we let it. Know that if you do nothing as martial law is declared and nothing as they come for your neighbors, then the day will arrive when they come for you. Or you will be left to answer for what has happened while you were looking the other way and going on with your own life.

We, the people, have the power, and never let us forget that.

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